Retrograde Motion



Sequel to Awkward




Retrograde motion- n.  an illusion caused when one planetary body bypasses

a slower moving one, making it seem like the slower planet is actually moving backwards



In which there is a copious amount of Chinese people,

calculus is the subject of the devil, Chanyeol actually makes friends,

Baekhyun is handicapped and self-conscious,

and Kai still can’t believe the stupidity he has to put up with. 


Dedicated to Ana


so i'm posting this instead. before i go crazy. 

i feel like there's a lot of weight on my shoulder about this, so i'm sort of hesitant to post it. 

but i am.

because i love you guys. 

and i'm going to try my best to bring you a sequel that lives up to your expectations. 

first chapter hopefully up between today and the end of the week.

i'm going to sleep now bye.  


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JoySummer77 #1
Okay I'm a bit upset right now. I've been reading Awkward many times already and I didn't know that there is a sequel for this!!!!!
[deactivated] #2
I didnt know awkward had a sequel xD
rukichi #3
wait wait wait.... WHAT???????? this is a sequel of awkward?? OMG I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK ARI SHI~
Chapter 2: It's okay author nim. I like Awkward the way it is too. But that little chapter was a bonus I guess lol
noloveintheworld #6
Chapter 2: ...... I also think that Awkward is okay the way it is...

kojakwookiee #7
Chapter 1: Kind of sad that there will not be a sequel, but I agree with the statement of Awkward not needing one. Loved the story!
Chapter 2: Huahahahahah Ari ssi you're so cute >.< i dont know which side i am--want to kill you or what;)))) i'll just let you write the story as what you want and read it and giggling or even crying about it ㅠ.ㅠ

Ok sorry my comment is crap bye ㅠ.ㅠ
Chapter 2: Yeah I feel like Awkward was summed up pretty well at the end 8'D I never say no to a sequel though xD But yeah i feel you :c feeling pressured to do something always makes me run 90mph in the complete opposite direction Dx nagging and forcing me to do something is the absolute best way to get me to NOT do it haha <3 no worries though 8D i'm sure everyone has been very understanding and is okay with you not continuing the sequel *side-eyes everyone who comments* that'srighti'mlookinatu