Do you read your own fics?

  • Yes, of course. I would never write what I won't read!
  • No way! Ewwww! they make me cringes...
  • Yes, but only to proof-read to make sure all grammar errors are corrected.

Personal Message

Just another reader-writer. Writing for fun about 2PM, mainly KhunWoo but like GOT7 & Day6 due to 2PM influence as their mentors.  I'd read anything ranging from anime-based fics to any fandom so long as the story is good. Don't really care about subs, hitrate, upvotes, karma points, promotions, shops (whatever this is, until recently...i got curious, Should I use them?) or getting "featured". I have a bunch of Karma Points, whatever it means, but I don't even know what to do with them. Anyone who'd like to exchange writing tips are most definitely welcomed too, whichever fandom or community you belong to... Have a good day...




About Me


Working in a 9-5 job but love writing. It's a way I express myself. This is my happy place where I exchange writing ideas with fellow authornims and readers so feel free to exchange notes, dm me, add me as friend!