Time & Age


Jang Ri In had always battled with the idea of being young. And she was losing that battle. 

Facing the ocean, Ri In was ready to depart the world. She had nothing to hold onto anymore, except that one person she's been trying to forget all this time. 

Death was only seconds away for Ri In.


It's been quite a while since I've actually published anything, especially SuYin. I can say for certain that I have improved, yet I do feel this one-shot is rather rushed and hurried. The title is rather horrific as well. I may have to change it if I am able to find a better one. Suggestions are welcome too. Criticisms and comments are appreciated and welcome. 

This one-shot is especially for Danie (nomadictrail); a birthday gift.

Honestly, I am rather nervous. Danie is such a good writer. 



March 27th.

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I thougjt it'll be angst but.. Thanks for making :-)
This is sooo good, indeed
Sigh.... How much I missed suyin..... :(
You're such a good author!!! ><
This is probably one of my favorites on this site... :D
I was expecting the ending to be angst/tragic, but I'm glad it turned out the way it did!
Ri in + Junsu forever~!!! <3 :D
(I'm a big fan of that couple ever since Timeless came out)
For a while there, I thought you'd be giving me a dose of my own medicine. I thought this is going to be a tragedy. And I suddenly remembered how you always tell me this. LMAO. I loved each and every word, hun. You're really good! I felt that I was right there, beside Riin, also wanting to give myself up to the breeze and the ocean beneath. And I definitely loved the /Just Like Heaven/ implications. :) Again, thank you, hun!!! ♥♥♥♥♥
Just read the forewords and I had to post something. LOLOL.
Thanks, hun, for the effort. xD I can't even get myself to write something I really want to write when I'm not rushed, but here you are. I just want you to know, first and foremost, that I appreciate this. ^____^
And, am not really a good writer. :P
SaranghaeyoMinhoOppa #6
I love this one shot=) love can indeed conquer everything, including the separation of the soul and the body=)