Tick Tock


Will you by my one-day boyfriend?


A relatively cheesy and embracing story set in the chilly winter. A date dictated by instructions, Zhang Liyin and Kim Junsu together enjoy a whole day with each other. They cover movies, dinner and shopping in their one-day date. 


Prompt by Phebs (aethia321) and forwarded by Danie (normadictrail). The wonderful poster is also made by Danie~! Isn't she wonderful?


Fans of SuYin, do check this list of completed fics of SuYin as well. :)


The story incorporates "Tick Tock" from U-KISS's Tick Tock. If you would like to listen, do feel free to do so, although it won't complement the mood.


Note that this fic is actually really confusing at times. The italics indicate the instructions, so keep track of them. However, there are also italics for non-instructions. You'll have to try and work it out yourself. For the very last part, don't scroll too quickly. ;)

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Oh it's perfect :-)
JasmineLee #2
I thought they're already a couple when Junsu accompanied Liyin to go shopping 0_0

I think I'd need to read it several times before I get the ending part ~_~
Oh God! This is just perfect. So amazingly balanced with fluff and comedy and wit. I loved Junsu's anecdote and Liyin's blunder. And lol this J person. It shouldn't have been Liyin's fault though. But, oh well everyone has their own quirks, I guess. I better not be distracted from the awesomeness of the couple.

I loved every word and the imagery they brought. Very well done. I could kiss you right now. lol!