A coma has made Jang Ri In sleep in the very same spot for three years. Junsu's unwavering heart has been moved by a special someone, who captures his love, in very much the same way as Ri In did. Does this mean the end between Jang Ri In and Kim Junsu?


This is a (really) late birthday present for Phebs. I hope you can forgive me. :(

It's a long one-shot (almost six thousand words), but unfortunately isn't that well written. It was written a year or two ago and recently completed, so the writing is amateur, but I hope anyone who reads it will enjoy it!

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Chapter 1: AWW. The ending got me. I don't know if I should hate/love Junsu in this cause I still can't approve him burning those precious couple photos. But I'm still glad Taeyeon decided to be a bigger person and let Junsu go. Hebe and Aaron's best friend roles is just love!

I miss Suyin so much T.T
WAAAHHH,,, SO sweeet!!!! i miss Suyin!!!!!
I loved it! I'm not a fan of TaeSu stories... however that ends. But, ugh, this is just, beautiful. ♥
xiaohui #4
So sweet ... it's been a long time since I read Suyin story.
Really miss them