Satanic - it was the perfect description of the world Soyou breathed, smiled and cried in. Regardless of where she travelled, this curious girl seemed to be a magnet for the worst of crimes.

Criminals aren't the only type she attracts. A tall, handsome police officer is her unwilling companion as she attempts fervently to avoid the magnetism. The question comes to, then: why are gruesome homicides and appalling accidents such an integral component of her existence? Is she the problem – and a curse?


satanic (say sa-tan-ik) adjective of or like Satan 

Kang Soyou is silent. She has difficulty expressing herself, so her sketchbook is her companion. 

Kris Wu is a police detective. He has stories too, but he doesn't have a companion. 

Crime follows them, but they each think of it differently. Kris has a thrill for perpetration so chases its tail, pursuing a career as a detective. Soyou has distaste for crime as it has always chased her instead. Crime changed her when it tailed her aggressively, so she chose to draw for her career to erase her emotionless. Almost like a promise, death and loss stopped occurring near her, until when it happened again. 

The two reawaken secrets and stories; they change. But how much? This simply details the numerous crimes the pair encounter and solve, right? They don't develop as people, because that would defy the very essence and reason of their being. At least, they shouldn't be doing so.


The title, description and foreword of this production are working ones. This means they are subject to change, and perhaps quite drastically. 

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[deactivated] #1
Sounds interesting! Can't wait omg! Update soon authornim~ :)
I love Soyou and Kris, but never have I thought of them together. please update soon!
OH MY GOD. YOU'RE WRITING AGAIN! *goes back to read description*