Family Movie Night with a Twist

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The kids haven't got a clue that their parents are planning something.


Two married couples decided to honor their promise to each other 20 years ago. The two couples kids thought that they were having a family movie night, little did they know that their own parents has another plan for the both of them.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to my first story about Winter and Asahi which is probably my second favorite couple in the Treaespa ships and they're basically the equivalent to the Pink couple from my ultimate group ship.


Let's introduce our characters, shall we?


First up, we've TREASURE's very own Osaka robot himself who'll be playing as Arthur Choi/ Choi Minhyun.


Now, moving onto the female lead. We've aespa's very own lead vocalist and puppy herself, Kim Minjeong who'll be playing as Kwon Minjeong/ Winter Kwon.



Now, we're moving onto the parents of the two main characters.


First up is Arthur's parents:


Mark Choi whom Arthur mostly inherits his visual from.



Now, it's time to introduce Mr. Choi's wife who's none other than the Pink Monster herself. Stephanie "Tiffany" Young Hwang-Choi.



Now, we're moving to the parents of Kwon Minjeong.


First up, we've the man of the house who's none other than the Dragon himself, Kwon Jiyong a.k.a Joseph Kwon.



Finally, it's time to introduce Mrs. Kwon herself who's none other than the Kid Leader, Kim Taeyeon a.k.a. Erika Kim.


Stay tuned for the release that's coming in just a few days. See you soon.


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I'll definitely consider it. It's just that I want to try getting out of my comfort zone, you know.
FannyChoi 0 points #2
Chapter 1: I loveeee it. But please stick with Soshibang couples. And maybe you can do a flashback when their parents met back then?