Surprise: REBOOT Concert Version

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Three Treasure members has no clue about what's waiting for them.


TREASURE had just finished their first ever three day concert ever in their own beloved country, and they were fully expecting to just go home and sleep until next year. Little did the members know or should I say a certain three members know, that there was a surprise waiting for them at their waiting room.


Let's introduce the three couples, shall we?


First, we have the enemies-to-lovers couple: Park Jihoon and Aeri Uchinaga


Second, we have the couple that was first introduced in my last story which is none other than Kanemoto Yoshinori and Yu Jimin themselves.


Finally we have the couple who both have out of this world visuals but they're very different once you get to know them a.k.a. the Robot and the Puppy: Hamada Asahi and Kim Minjeong.


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