Concert's Afterparty

Surprise: REBOOT Concert Version
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8:15 PM KST


Treasure had just finished their first ever 3-day concert and it’s pretty clear that they’re all very happy and proud of themselves since it’s been a year and one month since they last met their Korean Treasure Makers. Some of the members were crying tears of joy due to their big brother’s touching words about them. After saying goodbye to their beloved TEUME’s, the members immediately run back towards the dressing room to get out of stage costumes. Little did they know, there was another surprise waiting for them and it’s the one that none of them didn’t expect at all. Usually, when artists are doing concerts, they have another surprise event which was held by their staffs and dancers. But this time, it’s very different from the usual because it wasn’t held by the staffs at all.


“Great ing job, everyone. All of you did so well, let’s enjoy a long end of the year rest until our Japan tour next year” Jihoon said to his little brothers and they all just laughed at how sincere he was. “Hey, there’s kids here. No swearing, man” Hyunsuk hits his shoulders roughly like the good wife and mom that he is making him groan in pain at how hard the punch was.              “Honey, that hurts. Besides, our Super King Cow Baby is an adult already” Jihoon said sheepishly at his only big brother which made Hyunsuk just sighed in defeat. “Speaking of wives, can’t wait to finally cuddle with my Aeri tonight. Isn’t that right, guys?” He asked while looking at Yoshi and Asahi which made them all blush at how true that is. Yes, everyone. You heard that correctly. 3/10 Treasure members are dating members of a certain 4 membered girl group that debuted exactly 3 months, 1 week, and 3 days after them.


When they arrived back at the dressing room, they noticed that they didn’t hear the staffs inside so they quickly assumed that they’re going to be ready for any kind of surprises. After preparing themselves, Jihoon proceeds to open the black curtain that acts as the entrance point to the dressing room and as soon as he opens it, four familiar voices shouted “SURPRISE!” which made him jumped so hard that he throws himself backwards but thankfully, he was caught by the maknaes. “W-What a-are you doing here?! I thought you were busy with all the year-end shows” Jihoon asked them while obviously trembling at how surprised he was. “What? You don’t want us being here? Fine, then. Come on, girls. It seems like this idiot doesn’t like us being here” Giselle said sarcastically at her arch enemy turned boyfriend to the rest of the members.


Yoshi and Asahi immediately throw themselves at Karina and Winter respectively begging them not to go to which both girls just laughed out loud at how clingy their man are. “Of course, we want to be here. We’re all proud of you for completing your 3rd concert” Winrina said while hugging their man. “Should we just go home first or what?” The rest of members said to each other and their mom just simply said “Yeah, you guys are right. Let’s go and leave the three lovebirds alone” before quietly leaving the room to go back to their dorms. By this point, the three couples are all still in the dressing room doing the same thing which is just cuddling with their girlfriends. “Aren’t you tired, my love?” Asahi asked Minjeong and she just smiled cutely at him before saying “For you, never. Besides, we still have a few days before doing another year-end show rehearsal” and pinching his cheeks. “Want to get out of here and cuddle some more?” Treasure’s robot asked her girlfriend and she just nodded at him in agreement. “Hey, I really needed this. Thank you” he replied before getting up and reaching his hand out to Winter which she gladly took without a second thought.


After the weird couple left the room to probably go make out somewhere, now there’s only the soft couple and the nemesis couple. Why are they called the nemesis couple, you might ask? Well, that’s because Jihoon and Aeri are either always get into a heated argument or they just doing what couples always do. “Yoshi-ah, on a scale from 1-10. How was the surprise event? Was it good or not?” Jimin asked her baby tiger while clearly acting cute due to her puppy eyes. “Let me think. Of course it’s definitely a 10, my Karomi” which made her squinted her eyes at him in suspicion. “You’re lying. You hate it, don’t you?!” She asked him while pouting in anger to which he just simply said “You do know that I don’t have capacity to make a single lie, right?” making her roll her eyes in annoyance at how honest he is to her and also ruining her joke. “Hmph, whatever. Let’s just go to your dorm so we can cuddle some more” Karina said and they both left the dressing room now leaving the nemesis couple all alone to themselves.


“Are you tired, babe?” Jihoon asked his girlfriend to which she just gives him a small smile and said “I’m fine, honey. Don’t worry, I won’t make you worried again. Besides, I hate it when you disturb my sleep” which made him dramatically grab his chest before saying “Honey, you hurt me” making her scoffs in annoyance at how much of a drama queen the dad leader of Treasure is. She’s definitely contemplating on exposing this side of him to the world, but that’d mean exposing their relationship and jeopardizing their careers since they’ve 4 more years to go until both of their dating bans are lifted. “Want to stay here some more or go to our place?” Jihoon asked his girl and she just said “Yeah, definitely. We should get the out of here” and so, the waiting room was now totally empty since almost everyone was going home.


Why did I put “ALMOST” in the sentence? Well, that’s because the three couples decided that it’d be good to use the money that they’re getting from their copyright royalties and get a big house that has three bedrooms which serves as a getaway place since they’ve to do backstreet dating. When they got into the parking lot, a car was waiting for them that’ll take them to the house courtesy of both the group’s managers who all knew about their relationships and unlike the managers who immediately tells the company and forcing them to break up, they just said “ the company, we’re going to help you in whatever capacity we can until the dating ban has been lifted and you’re allowed to go public with your relationship” which when they first told their members about it, they couldn’t help but cried tears of joy at how selfless and caring their managers are to them.


When they got inside the van, both groups’ managers are waiting for them in the driver and front seat respectively. “Is everyone here? I’m going to do a roll call” The manager said to them before calling out their names one by one. After finishing the roll call, the manager then starts the car and soon enough, they were on the way to the said house.




The white van that’s carrying the Treaespa couples has finally arrived at the getaway house. The three couples then proceeded to get into the house where they spend the next few days in it until the girls have to go back to rehearsing for the year-end shows. “Finally, some peace and quiet” Jihoon said out loud for everyone to hear which made them all sighed in defeat since he’s known to be very loud. “Hey, y’all want some dinner?” He asked them again since he’s the oldest out of the bunch to which they all shouted “ YEAH!!” without a single hesitation making him burst out laughing at how quickly their mood changes from being tired to completely energized because of a single word.


The next few minutes was spent on making dinner with Winter and Asahi in charge of the cooking aspects while the others lend their hands on the easy stuffs like cutting and seasoning. Soon enough, they were already finished making the dinner and are all now at the dining room just munching away the robot and the puppy’s cooking and it’s definitely pretty safe to say that it’s one of the most delicious things they’ve ever had since they all just dancing in happiness and making sounds that every chef’s likes to hear when they see the people being happy because of their dish.


“Holy , this is the best ing thing that you’ve ever made, Minjeong-ah” Asahi said to his girlfriend which made blush at the compliment and just smiled shyly at him. “Thanks to y’all for helping me out, unnies and oppas. Last but not least, thank you m-my H-Hi-kun for being the best assistant ever. I-I love you” Minjeong said sincerely although definitely couldn’t help but stutter at the end when thanking the person who’s been the source of happiness for the past 1 year. “Alright, guys. Who wants to do the dishes?” Jihoon being the leader asked the others and as soon as he asked that question, everyone immediately turned their heads around to look at everything but him which made him let out a sigh of disappointment. “Japanese 00’s duo will do the dishes, then” he said which made both Yoshi and his girlfriend reluctantly get up from their seats and grab all the dirty plates before bringing them to the sink to wash them.


After finishing the dinner, the couples are all now in their rooms preparing to go to sleep. Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we? First, we have the cute rapper couple themselves which is none other than the tiger who literally came straight out of a manga from Treasure and the Stupid Cheese Cat with a visual that’s basically the living incarnation of an AI character from aespa. What are they doing right now? They’re now in the middle of a songwriting private class session with Yoshi being the teacher since he’s the one with the most experience while Jimin is the student who’s still not confident enough about her writing.


YS: Just think of something that comes to your mind these days, honey.

KR: There’s so much running through my head and I can’t seem to pinpoint what’s the best one.

YS: I know the best way to get rid of that.

KR: (Pouts) Don’t you dare say thinking about me or else I’ll rocket punch you.

YS: Yes, your majesty. I usually just take a walk or just look around the room and the inspiration immediately come sooner or later.

KR: Whatever, I’m not doing this. You’re just going to brag about yourself anyway which made me even more insecure.


Jimin then just turned herself into a human burrito on the bed in their bed which makes Yoshi just laugh at how cute she is when she gets jealous at his songwriting skills even though she already written two songs that shows how good she is at writing lyrics that it’s pretty safe to say she’s doing even better than him.


YS: Honey, come on. Don’t be like this. Menagerie’s probably the best piece of songwriting I’ve ever heard.

KR: Liar, you only say that when in reality it’s not what you think.

YS: No, babe. I’m serious, you did a great job. You’re mad because of that stupid company’s policy, right?

KR: (Sighs) You’re right, I’m sorry for being so jealous over petty things like your skills.

YS: Come on, babe. I want to see that happy face again. As much as I like your angry face, I prefer your smiling face better.

KR: Shut up, Kanemoto.

YS: Oh, . I think you just found the topic for your next hit.

KR: Oh, yeah? Tell me, then.

YS: You can write down the things that I do that always pissed you off.

KR: Oh, yeah. I’ve so many things that I want to say right now.

YS: Use that anger, Jimin-ah. Transform the rage into a writing.

KR: I’m so going to roast the out of you, honey. Your girlfriend’s going to make a diss track that’ll end all diss tracks.

YS: I’m looking forward to that day, honey. But first, let’s get some sleep because I’m exhausted.

KR: Ok, you big baby. But you better not make fun of my lyrics once I show it you someday, got it?

YS: Yes, ma’am. Loud and clear.

KR: Good boy. Now come here and hug me.


Yoshi immediately lie down beside her and wrap his left arm around her body and he couldn’t help but smile at how she fits perfectly in his arm. “What are you smiling about?” Jimin asked her boyfriend and he just simply bury his head on her back and closes his eyes. When Jimin realized her boyfriend was already entering the dream land, she starts to close her eyes before saying “Good night, my baby tiger” and letting the sleepiness engulfed her.


And so, that concludes the day for Yoshi and Karina. Let’s not waste anymore time and move on to the main bedroom in the house which belongs to the enemies-to-lovers couple themselves which consists of Treasure’s dad and aespa’s hot girl, Park Jihoon and Aeri Uchinaga. Well, to be honest with you. It was Jihoon who’s making Aeri hate his guts because he wants to court her. Pretty weird, right? The bottom line is this: Jihoon fell for her first. But unfortunately for him, both of their groups debuted at the height of the worst time ever. Thankfully, fate would reach out because just a few months later, SBS recruited him to become the new MC of Inkigayo with Sungchan and Yujin which means that if aespa decided to promote on Inkigayo again, he’d have the chance to meet his crush.


He finally got his wish on May 30th 2021 when aespa has finally began promoting their second comeback with the widely popular “Next Level” on Inkigayo. He was in the middle of rehearsing for their interview and he couldn’t help but want to at least have a chat with her. But he quickly realized that they’re both still a rookie artist which means that off-camera interaction is strictly prohibited because of their dating ban and also the world is still in the middle of a pandemic, so that means it’s basically impossible to even say

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