Two Clueless Youngsters and the Four Culprits

Family Movie Night with a Twist
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JY: Seunghyun hyung, what’s up? Long time no see, my big brother.

SH: Same, Ji. How long has it been?

TY: Wifey, I miss you very much. How come you never send me a letter or something?

TF: I miss you too, hubby. I thought you changed your number.

JY: About 20 years or so but it, I miss you man.

SH: Yeah, it was during both of our weddings where we last had our gathering together.

TY: How could you forget the fact that I never change my number since elementary, boo? You’re really not the Tiffany that I used to know.

TF: Hey, give me a break. I lost my phone not long after my wedding and on top of it, I always forget things because I’m human.

JY: So, I’m assuming both of you are here because of my proposition, right?

SH: Technically, it’s not a proposition. It’s more like four best friends turned married couples promises to each other.

TY: Yeah, Ji. How dare you take all the credit for yourself?

TF: Alright, alright. Let’s continue our routine bickering after this.

JY: Let’s be like those rich parents in the drama minus the cold and sometimes manipulative part.

SH: Says the rich CEO who owns one of the largest fashion companies in Korea.

TY: Oppa, you’re saying that while you’re also another CEO itself.

TF: What do I say about bickering again?

JY: Sorry, Tiff. I want to do the traditional fake meet-ups at the restaurant. That one never gets old.

SH: But they’d immediately notice that there’s something wrong.

TY: How about we do that but not in a restaurant?

TF: Where do you suggest we do it?

JY: Amusement parks?

SH: Bro, that’s like the oldest trick in the book.

TY: Hey, if you think about it. Both of our kids like watching movies, so a theatre date maybe?

TF: in’ A, boo. Hopefully, this’ll work.


And so, the two couples continue their night just chatting and catching up with each other’s lives after hatching an evil plan with their own children as the player. After finishing the reunion dinner, both GTae and TopFany goes back to their home to tell the children about the false plan tomorrow.








We just got back from having our reunion dinner with Seunghyun oppa and my best friend, Tiffany which I’m not going to lie, brings back so many memories. Especially the main reason why we’re having the reunion in the first place which is because of a promise that was made about 2 decades ago between four best friends who’s just recently became two couples. That promise being that we’re going to do an arranged marriage when we have kids in the future. Yes, yes, yes. I know what you’re thinking: “Taeyeon, doesn’t that seem a little too much?” to which I simply going to say one thing and one thing only and that is “I didn’t say I was forcing them to have this arranged marriage. I just want my daughter to decide for herself if Seunghyun oppa and Tiffany’s son is the right person for her. If she thinks that he’s the one, then so be it. If she doesn’t feel that way, then we just straight up cancel the ing thing.”


Anyway, what was I supposed to do when I got home? Right, tell your daughter about the “movie night date” with me and Jiyong. “Hey, Ji. You want to come tell our daughter about tomorrow’s date?” I asked my husband to which he just said “You do know that you don’t even have to ask, right? Of course, I love to make her whine and sulk whenever we showed our affection towards her even though right now, she’s your age when we first met” which always gets me for some reason because it literally feels like yesterday that I was just holding her in my arms.


Me and Jiyong started walking upstairs and knock on the first door that’s painted blue with a cute sign that says “WINTER” on it. “Come in” a soft voice said from the other side, and so we both open the door and steps inside the room.


JY: Hi, sweetie. Can we talk to you for a bit?

TY: Don’t worry, we’ll be quick.

MJ: Of course, anything for my parents. What is it?

JY: Well, first of all. I need to recharge my energy.

TY: Yup, me too. I need to get recharged first.

MJ: Alright, come here. I’ve been wanting to hug you guys anyway.


We then just hug it out and of course, it’s the best place to be with whenever you feel like wanting to recharge your energy or even whenever you feel like , a hug from a family member is always the one thing that you need. After what seems like a lifetime for me, we finally stopped hugging and I looked up at Jiyong to speak telepathically to him. He just nods at me confirming that it’s time to tell her about tomorrow’s plans.


JY: Minjeong-ah, we’re having a family movie night tomorrow. What do you want to watch?

TY: Just don’t watch anything horror.

MJ: Don’t worry, mom. I’ve learnt my lesson already. Umm, I want to watch “Drive”.

JY: Oh, that’s a great movie. You haven’t watched it yet, right?

TY: I also haven’t watched it yet.

MJ: Is it going to be at the usual place?

JY: Of course, Jeongie-ah. Is that even a question?

TY: Stop with the nostalgia, please.

MJ: Ok, what time is it going to be?

JY: Maybe 7PM. You don’t have any schedules, right?

TY: It seems like your daddy’s forgetting that his daughter’s currently on a long vacation, isn’t he?

MJ: Dad, is your head too full of making shoes that you’re forgetting me?

JY: Hehe, of course not. I remember.

TY: You’re going to bed, right?

MJ: Yup, waiting for your kisses.

JY: Alright, then. Ladies first, honey.

TY: (Rolls eyes at Jiyong before leaning down to kiss Minjeong’s forehead) Good night, my Winter. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bug’s bite. I love you so much.

MJ: (Closes eyes with a smile)

JY: I guess it’s my turn now, huh? Good night, baby girl. Dream about me and mommy, ok? I love you.

TY: Come on, you. Let’s get out of here.

MJ: (Sleepy tone) Good night, mom and dad. I love the both of you so much.


We both then left her room and as soon as the door was closed shut, we both let out a sigh of relief.


JY: Well, now that we got that out of the way. Shall we wrestle on the bed, honey?

TY: (Sighs) One round only and that’s it or else no making love for a month, got it?

JY: Yes, ma’am. You have my word.

TY: Good, let’s get this over with, shall we?


As you might’ve guessed from that dialogue, I ended up having to fight the Dragon all over again in our bedroom. Let’s just hope that this idiot Dragon husband of mine remembers the only one rule or else he’s going to have to endure me teasing him again for one month since he’s not allowed to make love to me.







After a pretty long drive from the restaurant where me and my wife are having a reunion dinner with our childhood besties Jiyong and Taeyeon, we’re finally pulling up to the driveway of our mansion before getting out of the car to go inside and tell our son about tomorrow’s plan without giving away the real purpose of it.


SH: Home sweet home.

TF: I think you meant “I just want to drop dead on the bed already”, oppa.

SH: You know me so well, babe. But first, let’s go tell my clone about tomorrow’s event.

TF: Hey, he’s also my clone too, you know?

SH: Oh, yeah? Which part?

TF: My bluntness and my voice.

SH: Fair enough. So, does this mean that you want to have your clone?

TF: In your dreams, Choi. I’m too old for that now.

SH: 45’s not that old, honey.

TF: Are you going to keep yapping or are you going to tell your son about tomorrow?

SH: Alright, Pink Monster. Let’s go see what my clone’s up to now, shall we? Oh, ladies first.

TF: Thanks, slick.


We both then go up the stairs and into a hallway then stopping at the door with a sign that says “Cloning Facility” and knocked on it. “Who is it?” a voice asked from the other side. “Your worst nightmare and your Pink Monster. May we come in?” I said to him in a sarcastic tone. “Doors unlocked. You can come inside” he said and I immediately open the door, letting ourselves inside his room.


AS: Oh, look. It’s my original self and my Pink Monster mommy. What’s the occasion?

SH: Hey, just so you know. I’m still more handsome than you.

TF: Are you two going to keep comparing yourself or are you going to tell Artie about tomorrow, Seunghyun?

AS: Tell me we’re not going to look at chairs again.

SH: No, no. Don’t worry about that, kid. Actually, it’s a family movie night.

TF: Yeah, we’re watching “Drive” tomorrow at the usual place.

AS: I don’t think “Drive” falls into the category of a family movie.

SH: Whatever, just don’t forget about it.

TF: Hey, come on. Stop acting like T.O.P and start being a dad, will you?

AS: Hey, dad. Can you help me with the lyrics tomorrow?

SH: Which part?

TF: That’s more like it. Alright, Artie. Good night and dream of us, okay? (Leans down to kiss Arthur’s forehead)

AS: Good night, mom and dad. I love you.

SH: My turn now, right? Good night, my little robot. I love you so much.

TF: Sweet dreams, my little prince.


After giving him our good night kisses and are currently about to go to sleep in the main bedroom, I started thinking about tomorrow’s plan and I started having these doubts such as: “What if they don’t like each other?” or “What if this plan was a mistake in the first place?”. But just as I was about to let the doubts take over my mind, a familiar voice asked “Having second thoughts again, right?” which belongs to my Pink Monster wife. I just nodded in agreement at her.


TF: I know, honey. You don’t have to tell me what it is.

SH: It’s just I feel like we’re forcing him to do what he should’ve done by himself, Tiff. I-I c-can’t help but compare myself to those rich parents who always forces their children to have an arranged marriage even though they either already have their one true love or not.

TF: Hey, look at me.

SH: (Shakes his head)

TF: Choi Seunghyun, you better ing look at me in the eyes before I personally break your neck.

SH: (Looks at Tiffany with teary eyes)

TF: Come here, you big baby. (Hugs him)

SH: (Cries)

TF: It’s okay to be nervous, oppa. Remember when you first confess your feelings to me and you ran away without letting me say anything?

SH: (Whines) Stop bringing up that moment, please.

TF: Hehe, never. I’m going to keep reminding you of that moment until I’m no longer be able to.

SH: (Whines) Don’t say that, you’re just making me cry even more.

TF: (Giggles) I love you, my Bingu. Don’t worry, it’s just one date. After that, Artie can do whatever he wants.

SH: Thanks, I really needed that.

TF: You’re welcome, darling.

SH: Sometimes, I don’t even know how much you mean to me until you reminded me how much I mean to you. I love you so much that I don’t even know the limits of it. That’s how much I love you. (Voice breaks)

TF: I know, babe. So, are you ready to cuddle me now?

SH: Always.

TF: Good night, my big baby. I love you.

SH: Good night to you too, my mushroom. I love you too.


Oh, to hear your wife say good night to you is probably the best experience you’re ever going to get in this life. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve her at all. But, of course. I’m going to be forever grateful that I’ve such an amazing person like her in my life.








Right now, the parents of both Arthur and Winter are currently rehearsing their plan at the theater room that Jiyong rented specifically for this.


JY: Ok, let’s run through this one more time. Taeyeon who’ll be playing as Minjeong and Seunghyun hyung who’ll be playing as Minhyun walks inside the room with all of us.

TY: Then, Jiyong and Seunghyun oppa will make up a reason for them to sit next to each other.

SH: About let’s just say, 30 minutes into the movie. Tiff will fake a nature’s call and exit the studio.

TF: After I’m out of the studio, I’m going to go back to the car and wait for the three of you.

JY: Since we don’t want to make our kids suspicious, there’ll be a 30 minutes

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