Always Pokemon


In which both Hoshi and Woozi are Pokémon trainers (but they both really and Coups doesn't get enough credit for the things he does for them). 



Genre: Mostly Crack, Fluff, Pokemon!AU

Extract: "Oh, please, don't," Woozi says, raising his voice at the end to be heard and pointing at him with his index. That hasn't grown at all—four years and it's still as long as when they were studying how to throw a Pokéball. Hoshi almost winces when he glares at him, "Misty is a great gym leader. It's a shame you'll never see him and find out".

"Guys, guys," Coups pants as he jogs to them. He flicks his thumb over his shoulder, "are your Pikachus meant to be rolling down the cliff? Did you ask them?" He even has the nerve to say.

As if there was really a possibility. 

Author's corner: Yes, this is a Pokemon AU and yes Hoshi and Woozi both have Pikachus.

Hello, as my account suggests, I lost my other account—mrslee19. As in, I can't remember my old password. Can't log in. That's lost forever. Which is really ad, but oh, well, I just made another one.

This is my first Seventeen fanfic. Let's see if writing stories for them is fun. The last groups I liked writing for were GOT7, Monsta X and Ikon. 



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