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We finally make it to chapter 6 of Dark Angels.


*Clap from the invisible audience*


Finally we had Dasom being put in her place, I know you were wanting to hit her in the face for hurting Minjeong, I think now she will stay in hers, but all this kind of had a side effect on Jimin who was psychologically moved, but calm down, I assure you it was nothing serious, she is just moved by the event.

We finally had Minjeong admit that she feels something in this relationship besides fear. It's still kind of complete for her as she's never been in the position of liking something or exploring what she feels, it's all very new and we can see that she has the desire to please Jimin, she feels good, helping her fulfill her desires. Despite Minjeong's struggles to express herself, she still wants it more than anything, but she wants to make sure they're both on the same side so she can speak up or do something about it.

They still have a lot to talk about and in the next chapter we'll look at a lot of that.

And I believe that the fic is close to the end, I did a lot of planning for it, but the fic is very closed and that somehow limits what I can do in it. You may have noticed that I basically only use the shots of their room or the hidden places where Dasom hurts Minjeong, and I basically only narrate the two, I didn't give room for a bigger plot, it's all very closed. But, to compensate for this I intend to bring the same theme and a different setting where I can explore more of the story. Dark Angels was also my first fic without being a oneshot that I've written in a long time and being able to update it with constancy and without letting go of the fic was a great victory for me who couldn't go forward and see that the fic was very well received, I make myself very happy and more willing to bring more and more well-crafted material to you. I would say that Dark Angels is an experimental fic, not only in theme, but in a way of trying to get back into the practice of writing after a long time and that it's been very satisfying to be doing that.


Anyway, thank you to everyone who has been following the story <3




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Chapter 1: ¿eres latina? me atreveré en asumir que eres de Brasil ¿o eres de Portugal?

anyways, I may not understand portuguese pretty much but it is similar to spanish so it is not like i will be that lost while reading, you keep expressing yourself like you want. I will support!
Chapter 1: eu já amo essa ideia!!!

isso vai dar mais espaço pra quem for falante da língua portuguesa, estou muito feliz. vou esperar ansiosa pelas atualizações, autornim 🤩