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Another fanfact, in the original scene I had Jimin to describe that Minjeong I almost fainted in Dasom's hands, but I thought it would be too heavy so I adapted this detail.


In this chapter I wanted you to know a little more about the characters, their thoughts and characteristics. As I described in the prologue, you could finally see that Jimin is in fact not even an angel, she has very selfish reasons for doing what she does, but she is also not a monster, despite her peculiar tastes. For Minjeong you could see how broken she is, entering a state where even the little things that gave you pleasure you can no longer do are sad and heavy. Let's hope she improves and can show more of her personality.


Speaking of heavy things, this is one of the reasons why I try to soften the narrations as much as possible, since things are already tense and delicate in themselves, well, I hope I'm managing to convey that at least. and I love making allusions to angels while writing, I'm having a lot of fun.


If you go to the tags there will be non-con and I wanted to talk a little about that. the main theme of the fic revolves around the blood kink that Jimin has and despite all this desire she has to put her desires into practice, all this fixation withMinjeong She doesn't do anything that goes against her will.Minjeong, as long as it suggests the agreement between them, and the noncon comes exactly from there, because despite theMinjeong Although she is consenting to the agreement, she still doesn't want to do that. How do I know if this actually fits into noncon? Just in case, I left it in the tag.


Now after chapter 3 things will start to move once theMinjeong accepted the deal and chapter 4 might come out this week, so stay tuned.


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Chapter 1: ¿eres latina? me atreveré en asumir que eres de Brasil ¿o eres de Portugal?

anyways, I may not understand portuguese pretty much but it is similar to spanish so it is not like i will be that lost while reading, you keep expressing yourself like you want. I will support!
Chapter 1: eu já amo essa ideia!!!

isso vai dar mais espaço pra quem for falante da língua portuguesa, estou muito feliz. vou esperar ansiosa pelas atualizações, autornim 🤩