Changes and Talking about Dark Angels chapter 1

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First I wanted to write this in Portuguese, since it is my mother language but thinking about it now there is no sense at all talking about my stories, promoting them and even showing stories in portuguese for not portuguese speaks if 99% of my readers are not portuguese speakers? I need to do this in a language that everybody understands. So now I'm officially switching languages here, also I need to think of this as an opportunity to practice my english. 


Now let’s talk about Dark Angels. 


It has been a time since i wanted to work with dark themes this wish group up more inside after reading like an oleander by that_one_piper, her works kinda encourage me to finally write this.i’ve been curious about blood kink and believe me i can’t stand seeing bloodwich is very contradicting from what i’m writing haha, but anyways. I decided to write and I'm really enjoying this story even though this is definitely not the darkest I'll bring here on this profile. I’m really glad people are liking this story and to you I’m thankful for your support, really <3. I let everyone curious with the prologue and recently I uploaded chapter 1 and as you can see things are not easy for Minjeong and they won’t go any easier from now on if I can say that. Like to emphasize that Jimin is not an angel because she definitely isn’t and you guys gonna see this soon together with Minjeong. When I first wrote this chapter it was supposed to have both Minjeong and Jimin point of view but then I decided I didn't want that anymore because I wanted a little slow burn in the beginning and didn't want to be massive to read. Also since they have really different personalities it was better to put their perspectives on different chapters. On chapter one I wanted to show more what’s Minjeong have been passing on the last years of her life since she enter the school which is tough and then Jimin comes to her, see first sees her as angel who helps her but on next chapter see will see that Jimin isn’t like that but also will on a position where she has no way left to run expect for Jimin arms, most like “is this or nothing” situation if I can put like this. I'm not gonna give a spoiler but I can say things are gonna take a huge turn in Minjeong’s life but first she’s gonna suffer a little… not that this part is gonna be different but you’ll see. the context of being hurt will change. Definitely.


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Chapter 1: ¿eres latina? me atreveré en asumir que eres de Brasil ¿o eres de Portugal?

anyways, I may not understand portuguese pretty much but it is similar to spanish so it is not like i will be that lost while reading, you keep expressing yourself like you want. I will support!
Chapter 1: eu já amo essa ideia!!!

isso vai dar mais espaço pra quem for falante da língua portuguesa, estou muito feliz. vou esperar ansiosa pelas atualizações, autornim 🤩