Chapter Three: The Water Dungeon

The Legend of Zelda: Real Courage

The journey to Lake Hylia was uneventful. They had arrived at the lake, a vast pool of water a deeper blue than the sky. She marveled at the sight; she had never seen anything so huge nor so bright. Leaving the desert for Hyrule Field was one thing, with the yellow sand giving way to richly green grass. Now, though, a whole new world lay in front of her.

The lake was nestled among a set of mountains. They were brown and green, quite unlike the black peaks surrounding the desert. A few islands dotted the lake, as well as something that looked like a viewing platform grown right out of the rock. A waterfall flowed in from the east, and a tributary took water out to the south.

Lila regained her senses and asked, “Now, Mori, where do we go?"

The keese flew off to the northern side of the lake. "It's hidden in a cavern over here."

Lila hurried to keep up with him. "A cavern?" she asked. "Okay, you know best." He led her to the edge of a marsh. Across the swamp, set right into the rock wall of the mountain, was the cavern she sought. "I just need to cross this marsh, right?"

Mori bobbed up and down. "Exactly."

"Okay. Good thing I have boots." Lila started carefully picking her way through the muck. Bugs swarmed around her, probably checking to see if she was food. A few even bit her, and she slapped them away.

"Blasted things," she muttered.

Inside the cavern, the cave walls were slick with dripping water. The downward-sloping ground was bumpy with rocks and things, but at least it didn't pull her feet in like the marsh had. The light was quickly swallowed by darkness, and all Lila could see in front of her was black.

"This way, Lila," Mori prompted. "Not afraid of the dark, are you?"

"Of course not!" she retorted. "I just like to see where I'm going. This might be a little difficult if I keep stumbling on rocks."

"I don't know what your problem is," Mori joked.

"That's because you have that sound thingy that lets you see in the dark."

"It's called echolocation, deary."

"Don't act all superior just because you know a big word!" Lila waved a fist at the keese, but he flapped quickly to get out of her reach. "Do you know of something to light the way?"

Mori thought for a moment. "There's a torch a little further in. No need to get mad." He made a giggling sound.

"You're just messing with me!"

"No, I wouldn't do that to you."

Lila continued blindly into the mountain, hoping she would recognize the lantern when she got to it. Her eyes were adjusting to the darkness, so it wasn't as bad. After a few seconds, the keese flew to an object on the ground.

"Here it is," he said.

Lila knelt to examine the object. It was made from bronze, but it had been tarnished from the years of resting in the cave. She gingerly lifted it from the dirt floor. "This thing isn't enchanted, is it?"

"No. What put that silly notion in your head?"

Lila closed her eyes to contain her anger. "Lady Ganondra said you had the ability to find magical objects."

"That doesn't mean every object I show you is enchanted."

"Whatever. How do I light it?"

"You're so dependent! How will you get on in the world if you keep asking me for the answers?"

"Just give me a straight answer for once!" Lila pulled her sword out and slashed at her companion, who flew away again.

"There's probably a torch ahead," he said frantically. "I'll go look!"

And he was gone. Lila slowly sheathed her sword again, straining to regain control.

"Are you coming?"

"Yeah." She continued down the tunnel. Eventually, she saw a dim light ahead, slowly growing larger. The tunnel was getting wider and wider until finally, she couldn't see the walls or ceiling anymore. The only thing she saw was Mori circling a single torch, as though he had found the greatest treasure in the world.

"See, told ya'."

Lila held the lantern up to the light, trying to understand it better. She moved it closer to the flame, and suddenly it sprang to life.

"Woah!" she exclaimed and almost dropped it. "You said this wasn't enchanted!"

"It's not. The oil must have lit. Or wick. I never really understood lanterns."

"That makes two of us," Lila said. "Well, might as well explore this place, right?"

"Yeah," Mori agreed. "I can sense something in this direction."

He flew off to the right and Lila hurried to follow him. The lantern didn't give much light, but there was enough that she was able to keep from falling. Every now and then she passed an unlit torch and waved her lantern near it. Soon the whole right side of the cavern was lit.

"Wait a moment, Mori," she said, examining the room. The edge, which Lila had been following, was about wide enough for a carriage to pass safely through. Inside it was a moat, just as wide. Then in the center, larger than both the ledge and water was a sparkling blue castle.

"What is this?" she asked. She had never seen anything like it.

"I'm not certain," Mori replied. "It could be the realm of the Zoras, but I thought they were further east."

"Don't tell me there will be fish people here," Lila muttered, looking into the water. It flowed slowly away from the cave's entrance, but she could see nothing beyond the surface. She touched the water experimentally. "It's cold!"

"Hm. That would explain the ice."

"That castle is made out of ice?"

"It appears that way. Let's move on. The sooner we get the chainmail the better."

"Agreed. Let me just finish lighting the torches."

Mori asked, "What for? I thought you weren't afraid of the dark."

"I'm not. I just want to get a better look." She continued along the path. It led to a bridge over the flowing water, which continued into a gaping hole. It sounded like there was a waterfall there. She decided it best to not fall into the water. She crossed the bridge and kept lighting torches. Soon she was back at the entrance, and she could see almost everything at about her height. She examined the castle a little longer, a little smile playing on her lips.


"I'm just thinking," Lila replied dreamily. "Doesn't this castle look wonderful? Look at how it sparkles."

Mori stared at her. He couldn't believe he heard her say that.

When Lila realized he had gone silent, it was her turn to ask, "What?"

"Um, nothing. I didn’t know you were... sentimental."

"What does that mean?"

"Nothing. Doesn't matter. Let's just continue."

Lila glared at him. "Are you making fun of me?"

"This time, I'm not," he answered simply. She didn't quite know what to make of that, so she just decided to follow him to their initial destination.

Next to the castle entrance was a small wooden chest. Curious, Lila opened it without hesitation. Inside was a red rupee.

“Yes, twenty rupees!”

"Why do you get all the money?" Mori complained.

"Because I'm doing all the work. I lit those torches, remember? That’s got to count for something.”

Yeah, sure. Such hard work.

“Let’s just get inside.

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