Chapter Twenty-One: Child Isle

The Legend of Zelda: Real Courage

When Lila woke the next day, she was surprised Lady Ganondra wasn't the one yelling her awake. Instead, it was unusually quiet. She hoped that wasn't a bad sign. She noticed something on her desk that wasn't there last night. As she sat up on her bed, she saw that it was a note.

Lady Ganondra requests you journey to Mother and Child Isle next, she read. There you are to acquire the Cloak of Shadows. Lady Ganondra expects you back in three days. Do not disappoint her again. -Nabooru

Three days? The trip to the coast took at least half a day. Lila quickly readied herself for the task.

The sun had set at least an hour before Lila reached the shore. Lila tested the water. She had only been to the ocean a few times before for training. Now she was glad for it because she had to swim to Mother and Child Isle.

After surveying for the best part of the beach, Lila waded into the ocean. She aimed for the beach on "Child Isle." She didn't know why the Isle had two names. "Child Isle" was the lower part of the island and the only way to access it. "Mother Isle" was like a tower, with every side a steep cliff. Lila guessed the strip of land between the two used to be underwater which would make them separate islands. However, that begged the question: Did the sea level fall or the island rise?

Not that it really mattered.

Upon reaching the beach of Child Isle, the strong wind produced by the shape of the island began teasing at Lila's clothes. She felt a chill from the air hitting her wet self. She donned her newly procured boots and pushed forward.

Because of the wind, Lila had never before been able to travel much farther than the rocky beach. Nabooru brought her here to train her leg strength a few times. Now with the Boots of Sturdiness, she was able to get inside the cave, leading to mystery. She took a breather at the mouth of the cave. The wind was minimal there, so she was able to take off the boots. She also lit her lantern because there was no other light. Her rattled breath echoed loudly on the rock walls.

"I wonder if this would be a safe place to sleep," she said aloud, wishing for the company of Mori. The weariness was starting to catch up with her, and she realized she missed the keese more than she thought possible.

"I'll just check out this cave a bit."

Lila walked deeper into the cave. She looked for torches along the wall but found none. It wasn't long before she came to a door. She wondered if she should open it or leave it alone.

"Maybe just a peek."

She pulled the door open and stood just short of entering. Inside was dark so she couldn't see much, but she could tell the dungeon went much deeper than sea level. She heard the roar of winds blowing in different directions but saw no evidence of a tornado. For that she was glad. Having satisfied her curiosity, Lila closed the door and returned to the mouth of the cave to sleep.

The sun woke her in the morning. It didn't reach directly into the cave since it was angled slightly to the south, but the light and warmth were enough to get her going. She ate a small breakfast of dried meat and then continued on her quest.

Lila was surprised to see the dungeon had lit up from the sun. She noticed several shafts of light around the room. It was so bright, the area glowed like soft gold.

With the new light, she was better able to see the lay of the land. Three tiers of balcony ran around the perimeter, with Lila being on the top one. There was also a solid floor at the bottom. Holes in the walls lined up with the four cardinal points, but Lila could detect no other pattern. The holes were the source of the winds and some of the sunlight. There were also a few doors between the holes. Two other doors were on the same level as Lila, but one of them, the more ornate one across the room, had gaps in the platform on either side. She had no idea how she would be able to get there.

That left the other door. A wind tunnel was between her and the door. Lila put the boots back on to avoid getting blown off the edge. It was a long drop. Though the wind pushed against her, the boots kept her safely on the ground. She took off the boots before opening the next door.

After several fights with hoards of keese ("I'm glad Mori isn't here to see this.") and larger kargaroc ("Those birds make the most annoying sound!"), Lila found herself on top of Child Isle. She had climbed a set of stairs around the outside of the island. Before reaching the top, she saw an extra large bird sleeping on the far side. It looked big enough to eat a horse for lunch. She couldn't see any evidence of treasure and wished Mori were there to tell her if this thing was worth fighting. Since there was nothing left for her to do in the dungeon, she decided to approach the nest.

"Hey, pretty bird," Lila said tentatively. "I think you have something I need, so will you wake up just a moment?"

She had awakened it. As the bird shifted and stretched, she saw that it was a smaller version of one of Lady Ganondra's pets: a helmaroc. Immediately she knew she had to fight it. The Helmaroc King was a very grumpy monster of a bird that only listened to Lord Ganondorf. That thing had injured her more than once.

Lila jumped back and readied her sword. When the helmaroc saw the light reflecting off the sword, it locked eyes on Lila. Suddenly she felt very small. Swallowing her fear, she lunged at the bird's neck.

The helmaroc cawed loudly and flapped its wings. Lila was buffeted to the ground as the helmaroc took flight. She stood up quickly, not wanting to be landed on. With the bird gone, she noticed something strange in the nest. She glanced up but didn't see the bird... until it rammed its beak into her back. Lila tumbled forward into the nest, the breath knocked out of her. She tucked into a fetal position until the helmaroc passed. Then she looked around for the object she had seen.

It was cylindrical with a set of hooks hanging out one end. The other end was hollow and big enough to fit her hand. She grabbed the object just as the helmaroc grabbed her. She almost dropped it in surprise, and then she shoved her hand inside. She felt a trigger at her finger, aimed at the helmaroc's head, and fired.

The hooks burst out with a chain keeping it attached and clamped on the bird. The helmaroc screeched and let go of Lila. Now she was dangling over the ocean, held up only by the new device she had. The helmaroc returned to its nest, and Lila released the trigger. The hooks let go, and she rolled to the ground.

When Lila stood up, she saw the helmaroc scratching at its injury. An idea formed in her mind. As quick as she could, she put on the Boots of Sturdiness. The helmaroc took flight before she had them completely secured. Once ready, she watched the helmaroc turn to come back at her. When it was in range, Lila fired the hooks.


The hooks latched onto the helmaroc's tail. It reared back, trying to escape, but the boots kept Lila firm. She struggled with the bird for a bit like a fish on a line, and then she was able to overpower it. The helmaroc crashed to the ground next to her, and she pulled out her sword.

Of course, the first set of attacks was not enough. Eventually, the helmaroc struggled away from Lila and returned to the air. Lila readied herself for a second attempt.

The helmaroc was not the most intelligent of creatures. Lila was able to pull it down again and resumed her attack. This time the helmaroc was unable to escape, and Lila killed the monster. With another victory under her belt, Lila rested against the edge of the nest. The helmaroc disappeared in a cloud of dust like her other enemies. It left behind a key.

Having rested enough, Lila took the key and went back into the dungeon. She knew where this key went and wanted to continue without delay. If she wasted too much time, Lady Ganondra would be very angry with her. Possibly angrier than she had ever been before. She was extra agitated the last time they encountered each other, and Lila wondered if she was ready to be done with her. If she messed up in any way ever again, she worried it would be the end of her. Kotake and Koume had told her just as much.

They also threatened Zale.

Lila hurried to the other door

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