Chapter Eighteen: ReDead Knight

The Legend of Zelda: Real Courage

The first thing Lila did when she woke up was yawn. Before opening her eyes, she heard someone else breathing. The breathing was quiet and calm. Whoever it was was asleep.

Lila opened her eyes to see none other than Prince Zale. It seemed she couldn't get away from him. Still laying on the rocky ground, Lila watched his peaceful sleep. He was sitting against the rock wall, a backpack rolled behind his back. He looked like he hadn't meant to sleep that way.


Mori's voice startled her. She sighed and turned her head to see him.

"How do you feel?" he asked, landing next to her.

"My head hurts, and so does my arm, but mostly I'm okay."

Zale grunted and shifted. "Mori," he mumbled, "let her sleep."

"Do you mean let you sleep?"Lila joked.

"No, I'm keeping watch," he answered with closed eyes.

Lila whispered to Mori, "Thank you for finding him. I shouldn't have yelled at you."

"Back off!" Zale roared, springing awake. When he saw only Lila and Mori, he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. "You're up."

"So are you," Lila said with a smile. "Thank you. I don't know what would've happened to me if I didn't get help."

Zale sighed in relief. "If Mori hadn't shown up when he did, I might not have found you. You were lucky. I'm glad you're okay."

Lila sat up with Zale's help. "How long has it been?"

"About a day," Mori answered.

"Drink this," Zale said, handing her a water skin. "But only a sip."

"Why only a sip?"

"In case you can't tolerate it yet. You vomited a few times last night."

"Oh. Oh, I'm hungry."

"Start with the water." Lila did as he suggested, then handed back the skin. Zale said, "Keep it. You need to take lots of sips until you're ready for food."

As Lila recovered, she struggled with wanting to move on but being too weak to. On top of the wound and sickness, sleeping on the ground made her body ache all over. Moving too much made something new hurt afresh.

"Do you want to come with us?" Lila asked a few hours later.

"You didn't want me when you fought Volvagia," Zale countered.

"I was mad back then. If you join us, I wouldn't mind the company."

"Is that a good idea?" Mori wondered.

"Sure it is," Lila replied. "Zale just saved my life, give him a little more credit." When Mori didn't say anything else, she wondered if he was thinking about Lady Ganondra.

Zale said, "Yeah, I'll come with you. What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for something. Actually, I don't know where to look exactly. Mori, any suggestions?"

"I sensed something near the Knight, but this place is so large I can't tell if it's what we need."

"What is it you're looking for?" Zale asked.

"You'd think it was silly."

"Try me."

"A pair of boots."

Zale had no answer for that. He looked befuddled.

With a laugh, she said, "I told you. Come on. Let's get going."

"Lila, you can't be serious," Zale said, reaching out to stop her. "There's no way you can fight a ReDead Knight in your condition."

She ignored him and started gathering their things. "Who says I have to fight it? We'll just go around—"

"You misunderstood," Mori interrupted. "TheReDead Knight is guarding whatever I sensed, so yeah, you do have to fight it."

Still, Lila packed her bags. "It'll be okay. I've gone through worse, you know it."

"No, Lila, you're staying away from that thing," Zale said. "I'll take care of it."

Finally, she stopped to look at him. "Like you can take on a fully armed, decrepit soldier."

"Yes, I can. Look inside my pack."

"What?" Lila laughed.

Zale crossed his arms. "Go ahead."

Lila shook her head but went to his pack anyway. It didn't take her much to find something wrapped in leather. She pulled it out and unwrapped it.

"A crossbow?" she said skeptically. "With your arms?"

"Looks can be deceiving." He put his hand out, so she passed over the crossbow. "Let's finish cleaning up, and I'll show you."

"Well that explains the shape of his bag," Mori commented.

Lila asked Mori, "Tell me you don't believe he can do it."

"He didn't believe you could beat Volvagia."

She felt her face get hot. "That... that's different."

"You keep telling yourself that."

Zale chuckled under his breath.

Once they were all set, Mori led the way to the knight's derelict home. They stopped where an old rock wall provided some coverage.

"How do you propose luring it out?" Lila asked as Zale readied his crossbow.

"Well, I could do it if you really—"

"Fine, I'll do it!" She pulled out her sword and rounded the rock.

"I meant Mori—"

"Just have my back."

Zale sighed. "Right behind you."

The sound of steel dragged across packed dirt alerted Lila to the knight's presence. She redirected all attention towards it, ready to jump out of the way of its scream.

"Lila, you're blocking my shot," Zale warned.

"I won't be soon," she muttered. The knight was close enough. Lila lunged before it could mount an attack.


Her sword hit the knight's shield arm but didn't go through all the way. Its arm went limp, but Lila's sword was stuck. The knight brought up its sword to attack. She dodged to the side and shouted, "Now!"

An arrow went clean through the knight's eye. It jerked back, giving Lila the added strength to free her sword, and then released its terrible wail.

With Lila frozen once again, Zale let loose another arrow. This one pierced the knight's throat. The scream diminished into an ugly gurgle, and the knight fell. Zale ran to Lila before the paralysis wore off.

"Are you okay?" he asked frantically, searching every inch of her. "Come on, snap out of it!"

Slowly she started to regain feeling. She tensed and relaxed what muscles she could to speed up the process.

"I'm all right," she said. "Don't act so worried." She took a step back and rotated her shoulder to get the blood flowing.

"But I am worried about you—"

"Don't, Zale," Lila warned. "I can handle myself." She walked to the mostly-standing house. "But thanks for having my back."

"You're welcome."

Zale and Mori followed her. Inside – if only three standing walls could be considered an inside – there were pieces of chairs, a table its side, and a bar on the far end. Nearly everything was caked with dirt around it.

"I don't see anything worthwhile in here," said Lila.

Mori answered, "Check behind the bar."

When she looked, she found a chest that appeared older than the building. When she tried to open it, it wouldn't budge.

"Looks like the hinges and lock have rusted shut," Zale observed.

"That's easily solved." Lila the hilt of her sword onto the offending metal until each broke off. Then she wedged her blade in the crack and pried it open. "Done."

"That doesn't look like a pair of boots." Zale pulled out a musty bag of the same color as the interior of the chest. He held it open for Lila.

"What the heck is this?" she asked.

"It's a boomerang," Mori and Zale said at the same time.

Lila raised an eyebrow at them. "And... what's a boomerang?"

"When you throw it, it comes back," Zale answered first.

Mori added, "You can use it to stun enemies."

"Like a ReDead Knight?" Lila asked.

"Yes," they said together again.

"Could've used this yesterday.

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