Chapter Fourteen: Agent of the Dark

The Legend of Zelda: Real Courage

"I can't believe we made it out so easily," Lila remarked when they were safely out of the caves. She breathed so much easier now that she was away from the stifling heat.

"If he was actually hungry," Mori pointed out, "he wouldn't have even talked to us. We would be in his stomach right now."

"Correction: I would be in his stomach. I don't recall you being there very long."

Lila took a shower back at her hotel room and then headed up to relax in the hot spring. She half expected to see Zale, but the spring was empty. At least she could be alone. Except for Mori.

Back at Lady Ganondra's castle, Lila knelt in front of her without Dalni.

"Ah, there you are, Lila," Lady Ganondra said when he noticed her. "I assume you were successful?"

"Yes, I have the gauntlets right here." Lila held up the bag.

"Excellent. Those will help you where you're going next."

"You still trust her to go alone?" Kotake asked. She had been eyeing Lila angrily the whole time.

"Oh, Kotake, you know she won't see the boy again," Koume chided.

Lila's face drained of blood. They knew about Zale. How could they know about Zale?

"I will handle it, ladies," Lady Ganondra said. Lila couldn't tell how he felt about the news, and that made her more worried than anything. "Lila, I'm sure you need some rest. Please leave us alone for a while."

Yeah, she was mad. She was going to hurt her. Lila left the room without saying a word. Maybe she could get one last decent meal before she dealt her punishment.

"Be sure to say nice things at my funeral," Lila said to Mori.

"She said you're going to another place," the keese replied. "She's not going to kill you. She might not even be angry with you."

"You were right. I should never have talked to Zale. Maybe I should run away."

"Lady Ganondra would find you."

Lila sighed. "I know. She has eyes everywhere, obviously."

Kotake and Koume were gone when Lady Ganondra called Lila. She walked slowly into the throne room, her head hanging low. Mori left her, as always.

"You met someone on your trip." It wasn't a question. "Prince Zale, of all people." Lady Ganondra paused. Lila cringed, waiting for her fist.

"What did you think of him?"

Lila looked up. She still couldn't tell how Lady Ganondra felt. She thought carefully about her answer. "He was smart... but cocky. Also, he let his guard down easily."

Lady Ganondra relaxed back in her chair. "Interesting. Is that all?" Her black eyes burned into Lila. Did she know what she couldn't believe herself?

"He... well, my Lady, he told me about bomb flowers. They helped me a lot."

Some understanding passed over Lady Ganondras face. "I see. Did he tell you anything else?"

Lila shrugged. "A few things, but nothing important. "

"Perhaps you could get him to tell you more things, more important things."

Lila couldn't believe what she was hearing. The chieftess wanted her to spy on Zale. It's what she told herself she was doing to begin with. The only problem was that she liked Zale too much. She didn't know if she could betray him.

Unfortunately, the only other option was saying "no" to Lady Ganondra.

"If I ever see him again," Lila said, "I will do as you ask."

"You will see him again, or you will face the consequences. "

Lila's throat closed in.

She nodded.

Lady Ganondra's demeanor changed to a more relaxed, settled one. "Excellent. Then you will first go to Castle Town to do some scouting. Familiarize yourself with all the back alleys and passages. Try to get into the castle without the guards noticing you. Get as far as you can, but do not risk getting caught. If anyone, especially the prince, sees you, the whole mission could be jeopardized. Understand? You are not to converse with Zale inside or near Castle Town."

"Yes, I understand," Lila said quietly.

"Good. There will be time for him later. After Castle Town, you will return here to the Gerudo Desert. You will use the gauntlets to remove a boulder hiding a secret chamber in the south. You'll know when you see it. Watch out for skeletons."

Lila didn't quite know what she meant, but she only asked, "Is that all?"

"Yes. You will find the Boots of Sturdiness in the desert. Now go."

Lila bowed. "Yes, ma’am.

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