My Cherry Blossom [SuLay]

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It was an accident but for junmyeon it will be never a mistake that he encountered with an alpha wolf and unexpectedly went into heat. 


Might be that's how his fate works. 


He left the alpha's side next day. Leaving no trace of alpha's sign on him except one ; which he soon changed his life.


And yes, that's the reason he never says their encounter was never a mistake cuz if not they've met, he wouldn't have gotten blessed with his baby jongin who always stays beside him everytime when villager offend him with abusive words or acts. 


Though his jongin is small but his cheerful voice calling him everytime is enough to remove all hateful memories. 


But is junmyeon is strong enough to survive alone after all this? 




Is he forgotten his mate, yet?





"Yes CherryBlossom? "



"Why you call me Cheery Blossom? " Junmyeon asked in curious.


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