baby its your birthday

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There were two things Wendy knew, one was that being 30 didn't feel much different, and the other was that it was statistically improbable that all four of her girlfriends had forgotten her birthday.



Wrote a little blurb for Wendy day because it's also my birthday and a lot of the people I love didn't remember! ( ;-; it's fine, this is fine)

Needed something small and fluffy to fill the void lol

Happy birthday to our thirty y Wendy, the beloved princess herself <3


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Chapter 1: All the members being her gf is really interesting. Let's make a story about this again. 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 1: As someone who has experience this, it's really unpleasant when everyone do not wish you early. I was depressed for a whole day until the surprised. It really didn't feel good when they wish.
Well, not in this story. Seungwan is so loved... 😏
nicella #3
Belated happy birthday authorrrr! 🎂🥳
Chapter 1: poor wendy she thought was alone on her birthday the good thing its she has 4 loving girlfriends