baby its your birthday
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Wendy didn’t think 30 would feel much different than 29, and she was mostly right. Physically she didn’t feel any different than before. But part of her expected it to be another milestone, something special her and her girlfriends would celebrate, especially considering they had just celebrated Seulgi’s 30th the week before. She had gone all out for Seulgi and Irene for their 30th birthdays, but when she wakes up on her special day she’s all alone.

Her heart sinks a bit when she realizes none of her girlfriends were cuddled up with her. No one was there to wake her up with a kiss and a ‘happy birthday’ or anything of the sort. She tries not to dwell on it as she gets out of bed, making her way to the bathroom to shower.

By the time she was dressed and ready for work, nobody had come in and said anything. She’s not even sure any of the others are home at this point, and she tries to ignore the growing ache in her chest at the possibility that they forgot about her birthday.

Upon entering the kitchen to make some coffee, she realizes that Irene, Seulgi, and Joy had already left for work and Yeri was making herself some breakfast. She turns with a smile when Wendy enters the kitchen, leaning in to give her a kiss.

“Good morning unnie, going to work?” Wendy smiles into the kiss before Yeri pulls back to focus on her breakfast again.

“Yeah, I’ve got some meetings in the afternoon, but I’ll be home later tonight.” She pours the hot coffee into her travel mug.

“Okay, I’m going out with some friends today since I’m off, but I’ll see you when I get home tonight.” Her voice was so energetic, so cheerful and Wendy tried her best to smile but it was starting to hurt.

“Have fun.” She says shortly, giving Yeri a tight-lipped smile before taking her leave. Her girlfriends couldn’t all possibly have forgotten her birthday.


Well given how her workday went, she’s totally sure they all had by the time she clocked out. Not one of them bothered to call her to wish her happy birthday. She had received some animated texts from Joy about a new movie coming out that weekend, and a phone call from Irene reminding her about the laundry detergent in the trunk of her car. Seulgi had sent her a text that morning to tell her to have a good day at work, but after that nothing.

Wendy can’t help but feel heartbroken on the drive home, even contemplating just stopping at a restaurant to celebrate by herself. In the end, she decides to just go home and go to bed, she didn’t even want to celebrate anymore.

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Chapter 1: All the members being her gf is really interesting. Let's make a story about this again. 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹
Chapter 1: As someone who has experience this, it's really unpleasant when everyone do not wish you early. I was depressed for a whole day until the surprised. It really didn't feel good when they wish.
Well, not in this story. Seungwan is so loved... 😏
nicella #3
Belated happy birthday authorrrr! 🎂🥳
Chapter 1: poor wendy she thought was alone on her birthday the good thing its she has 4 loving girlfriends