Skin, Wings, Fangs, Scales

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21st century. Not the best years for clichés and drama. But it is definitely the perfect time for inhuman creatures, such as Moon Byul-yi, a 1000-year-old gumiho. 


Moon Byul chose to spend her immortal existence with humans beings. She had seen the present day Korea rise from the Goryeo and Joseon era, past all the wars. 


Of course, it was not only Korea's progression that Moon Byul witnessed. She was there during the other events that proved significant to the history of the world. She learned of things that were humans and studied them as well. 


As interesting as it seemed at first, it all became boring. Immortality had become a curse for Moon Byul, and it would have remained that way for her if not for her companions. 


Now that the humans were moving past the folktales and myths, it was important to keep up. Moon Byul and her companions decided to adapt. 


Each of them owned companies in the country. This allowed them to mask their real identities and blend into society with ease... 


Full Version of the one shot :)


To the reader who's reading this, thank you for your support. It means a lot —the fact that someone is interested enough in the machinations of my mind. Please have patience, okay? I'll be able to update this story regularly once I finish one of my ongoing stories. Do have a taste! 


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Chapter 16: The unbridled joy I felt when the notification appeared for the update—!
Chapter 16: been kongning for another chapter for so long. I'm always on the edge of my seat reading this story.. I really really like it! Such good writing
whitefur #3
Chapter 13: They really need to be locked in a room together and talk it out fr....looking forward the next chaps!
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Chapter 4: Oh my....
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Chapter 2: Hmm yongsun is such a tsundere
Chapter 13: The past tense in Yongs 'I loved you' really hurts..
The story is so good!
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Chapter 13: damn I love this story so far! I'm looking forward to your future work!
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Chapter 13: Omg i want to just lock them both in a room until they properly talk it out 😤
Chapter 12: Oh this is getting more and more interesting now!