VII. Sittin’ Here Eatin’ My Heart Out

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After Joohyun had thrown me out of her dorm room post , the marching band wouldn't willingly disperse or leave the dorm, so my roommates had to pelt them with water balloons filled with kimchi-jjigae. 

Then unsurprisingly, Irene once again started avoiding me like the plague. Who knew that embarrassing someone in front of God and all creation would make them run for the hills? We'd already had twice, but still couldn't seem to hold a proper conversation. It seemed we had no problem taking off our clothes and hopping on top of each other like bunnies on a trampoline, but string two words together? Fuhgeddaboudit. It was really disheartening, and it was getting harder and harder for me not to feel used. Curse my abs and my teddy bear charms! Like, it's tough being this cute, guys. I was almost ready to give up and just let Joohyun go, but Lisa had other plans. 


“You have to make her jealous,” my hyperactive friend said.


“That’s not gonna work. The whole reason she won’t give me the time of day is because I’m apparently an emotional ,” I pointed out. 


“Ohnonono, my friend,” Lisa said, throwing an arm around my shoulder. “First of all, you coined that 'emotional ' term. Irene never called you that. Second, you're not gonna get yourself emotionally ted up. You’re gonna get yourself a new best friend.” 


“Um… she’s seen you guys. She knows I have new friends.”


My new friends were lost in their own strange, little world.

“Do your farts ever sound like goose mating calls?” Yeri asked Jisoo.


“Oh, all the time. You know what I always say, ‘If the geese are a-flockin’, don’t come a-knockin’,” Jisoo said, barely looking up from her phone.


“You’re right. You do always say that,” Yeri nodded. 


“People always wonder how Jisoo can be so gorgeous and still be single,” Joy commented. “This is why.” 


“They’re intimidated by my beauty,” Jisoo answered absentmindedly. 


“They’re intimidated by your lack of self-awareness,” Joy corrected.


“They’re intimidated by her bodily functions,” Yeri volunteered. 


“They’re probably scared of geese,” Jisoo said. 


“No, Irene knows you have... these idiots," said Lisa, the captain of the idiots. "You’re gonna get yourself the kind of friend that she was. Y’know, a secret handshake, inside jok

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Chapter 14: this is a fun story i enjoyed every bits of it.. hella hilarious one of the best.. 😍
420 streak #2
Chapter 14: Ahahahah such crack-filled chaos omg... 😂👍
baechuu__ #3
Chapter 14: Thank you very much for this story author! I really needed to read something lighter and you made me laugh out loud! I loved following all your stories!
AnneTokki #4
Chapter 14: 😂🤭
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Chapter 14: OMG how can irene think about that idea? 😂😂😂 my seulrene so cheesy 😭🤍thank u so much author nim for hard work 🤍
Chapter 14: Cackling at Krystal also participating in the skit 😭
JiHyun12 #7
Chapter 14: Congrats and thank you! ❤️
born10966 #8
Chapter 14: Nicely wrapped. All the crack and chaos and crazy love is there but finally they are in the same page. I really enjoyed your story Author Nim. See you in the next one.
KaiserKawaii #9
Chapter 14: Lol. Hilarious.
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Chapter 14: This out-epic-ed the already epic Battle Royale. The breakdancing could be a good costume for Halloween. Or maybe not. But yeah, thanks for another amazing, laugh-out-loud story. Looking forward to your next one!