X. A Temper Like My Jealousy

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“Who is Bogum?” Seulgi asked me. It was kind of fun watching her struggle to hide her jealousy. 


“Just a guy from school,” I answered nonchalantly.


“A guy from school?”


“A guy from school.”


“Why is he texting you at two am?” my bear asked in her best attempt to not sound accusing.


“Why are you going through my phone?” I needled cheekily.


“Why is he texting ‘you up?’ at such an ungodly hour?” 


“Why do you care, Seulgi?” I feigned annoyance.


She gaped at me. “Because you’re my girlfriend!” 


“Okay? Well, I don’t control what other people text me. And you don’t have the right to invade my privacy like that.” I was starting to feel a little irritated. 


“Invade your privacy? You make it sound like I hacked your phone, and that your passcode isn't my birthday. You've always let me go through your phone when we were just friends,” Seulgi pointed out.


“Well, you didn't interrogate me when we were just friends."


“I’m not interrogating you, I just want to know who this Bogum is!" Seulgi exploded, and then added under her breath, "And I would've interrogated you when we were just friends if there was a Bogum texting you at two am." 


“I doubt that. You were always too busy with your girlies," I snapped and started to get out of bed, but Seulgi pulled me into her arms. 


“No, don’t leave me.”


“I’m not leaving you, I’m just leaving. You’re being annoying," I huffed.


“No,” Seulgi said and tightened her hold around my waist and started and kissing on my neck.


“No, you can’t… you can’t do this, Seul… I’ve never given you any reason to… ohhhh…”


“You want me to stop?”


“No… but… oh …”


“You belong to me, Joohyun.”


“I do, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat me like a criminal… , right there, don’t stop.” 


“I don’t want you talking to this Bogum.”


“I don’t like him, Seulgi. I’ve never given him the time of day. You can’t tell me who I can or can’t talk to…” I squirmed in her arms to face her. 

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Chapter 14: this is a fun story i enjoyed every bits of it.. hella hilarious one of the best.. 😍
420 streak #2
Chapter 14: Ahahahah such crack-filled chaos omg... 😂👍
baechuu__ #3
Chapter 14: Thank you very much for this story author! I really needed to read something lighter and you made me laugh out loud! I loved following all your stories!
AnneTokki #4
Chapter 14: 😂🤭
Oct_13_wen_03 #5
Chapter 14: OMG how can irene think about that idea? 😂😂😂 my seulrene so cheesy 😭🤍thank u so much author nim for hard work 🤍
Chapter 14: Cackling at Krystal also participating in the skit 😭
JiHyun12 #7
Chapter 14: Congrats and thank you! ❤️
born10966 #8
Chapter 14: Nicely wrapped. All the crack and chaos and crazy love is there but finally they are in the same page. I really enjoyed your story Author Nim. See you in the next one.
KaiserKawaii #9
Chapter 14: Lol. Hilarious.
regurgitate #10
Chapter 14: This out-epic-ed the already epic Battle Royale. The breakdancing could be a good costume for Halloween. Or maybe not. But yeah, thanks for another amazing, laugh-out-loud story. Looking forward to your next one!