Just another Khuntoria fanfic from a delulu ajumma fan. Everything here is pure fiction and no harm is intended.

More of a slice of life thing describing Khuntoria. They work again, this time on a C-drama and they are older. With the different dynamics now that they are supposedly more mature. Hopefully wiser, too.

Although there's attraction between them, their differing personalities evidently clash. Both have not been in serious relationships for quite a long time.

Will they be able learn to compromise and learn from the mistakes in the past?


This is my first fan fiction. I'm not a writer. Sorry for the lacking plot and style. I just had to have an outlet for my delulu hopes of Victoria and Nichkhun getting together <3

Hope that fellow Khuntorians can find a bit of their wish come true even if only through this story.

Sorry for the delay. I kind of am struggling how to reconcile Papa Song's objection to Nichkhun 😅 there won't be more chapters before the end now but haven't quite gotten the time to sit down and make sure loose ends are tied neatly for Papa Song + Nichkhun reconciliation.


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mayoomon #1
Continue this story, please
naranari #2
Chapter 24: Another chapter pleaseeee
lovecome96 #3
Chapter 24: Aww. This chapter is very cute and lovely. Thank you. Hope things will go well with them.
mayoomon #4
Chapter 24: So lovely chapter. Thank you.
mayoomon #5
Chapter 22: Thank you for new chapter.
mayoomon #6
Chapter 22: Thank you for new chapter.
mayoomon #7
Chapter 19: Nichkhun is getting worse but the story is more curious.
mayoomon #8
Chapter 15: Thank you for continuous update.
mayoomon #9
Hey,I enjoyed your story. Please continue.
lovecome96 #10
Chapter 6: Hi,
I really enjoy reading your fiction so please keep it up.
Hope you have a great time writing this fiction about Khuntoria. I know it’s been a while but I still love them 🥰