Unlikely Co-Stars


The bustling atmosphere of a shooting on location was unmistakable in Beijing, and it was on this particular sunny morning that Victoria Song found herself at the center of it all. Clutching her script, she stood by the entrance to the soundstage, her heart pounding with a mix of excitement and trepidation.

"Victoria!" A voice called out, and she turned to see Nichkhun Horvejkul striding toward her with a grin that could rival the sun. It had been years since they worked together on "We Got Married," and despite the time that had passed, he looked just as charming as ever.

"Nichkhun," Victoria replied, her tone polite but distant. She couldn't help but remember how, during their virtual marriage on the reality show, she's heard about his reputation as a ladies' man. She's experienced first-hand how he can xharm his way into everything, eveb maybe - just maybe - her own heart. She had expected things to have changed by now, like her inability to be immune to that killer charm (the guy is supposed to be well on his way to becoming an "ajusshi"!) but from the looks of it, some things remained constant. His boyish and irresistible charm is still intact.

Nichkhun reached her, and they exchanged a brief hug, which was surprisingly formal given their history. "Can you believe we're working together again?" he asked, flashing that trademark smile.

Victoria raised an eyebrow. "Surprises do happen," she said cryptically.

Before Nichkhun could respond, the director, a portly man named Xia PD, approached them. "Victoria, Nichkhun, I'm thrilled to have you on board for 'Heart Rumble.' (Sorry, couldn't think of a better title). This series is going to be a hit, I can feel it!"

As they entered the soundstage, Victoria couldn't help but notice the strange dynamics unfolding around her. The crew members were bustling about, setting up the elaborate set for the first scene. Nichkhun, ever the flirt, engaged in playful banter with the makeup artist, who was blushing furiously.

Victoria rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the script, pretending to be engrossed. But she couldn't help overhearing snippets of conversation from the crew.

"Did you hear that?" one crew member whispered to another. "Nichkhun and Victoria in the same show? Sparks are going to fly!"

Victoria sighed inwardly. It seemed that the crew was just as excited about their reunion as Nichkhun was. She wondered if she could make it through this shoot without losing her sanity. How unbelievable was it that a her leading man bailed out at the last minute due to a scandal and Nichkhun, who happened to have signed just a week before the bail ouy happened with the same leading man, landed the role. The guy barely spoke Chinese and his role was supposed to be a Beijing local?

As the day went on, Victoria was pleasantly surprised to find that she and Nichkhun fell into an easy rhythm during their scenes together. Despite her initial reservations, he was a professional when it came to acting, and she couldn't deny that he had improved since their virtual marriage days, more than a decade ago.

Nichkhun, on the other hand, watched in awe as Victoria effortlessly transformed into her character. He had always known she was talented, but seeing her in action now, he couldn't help but be impressed. She was a true professional, and he found himself feeling a newfound respect for her.

The day passed in a whirlwind of funny interactions with the crew, director, and other actors. Nichkhun and Victoria even shared a few genuine laughs between takes, slowly breaking down the walls that had separated them at the start of the day.

As the sun set and they wrapped up for the day, Victoria couldn't deny that perhaps Nichkhun had changed a bit. He was still a ladies' man, but he had also matured in some ways. Meanwhile, Nichkhun realized that Victoria wasn't as aloof as he had once thought; she was simply confident in her abilities.

As they said their goodbyes, there was a newfound warmth in their interactions. Could it be that working together on this rom-com action series would lead to something unexpected for both of them? Only time would tell.

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Sorry for the delay. I kind of am struggling how to reconcile Papa Song's objection to Nichkhun 😅 there won't be more chapters before the end now but haven't quite gotten the time to sit down and make sure loose ends are tied neatly for Papa Song + Nichkhun reconciliation.


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