Revisiting the Past


The crew and staff of "Heart Rumble" were in high spirits as they gathered at a lively restaurant, located in a resort-spa just over 30 minutes drive from their filming location, for their end-of-filming celebration. Laughter and chatter filled the air as everyone settled in, sharing stories from their time on set.

As plates of delicious food and glasses of wine were passed around, two of their youngest staff members, Aimi and Dawei, couldn't contain their excitement any longer. They had been itching to ask a burning question ever since they had discovered something about their lead actors.

"Hey, Nichkhun, Victoria," Aimi began, her eyes shining with curiosity. "You know, a few months ago, Dawei and I watched all the old 'We Got Married' episodes with the two of you, and we became Khuntoria fans. It was amazing! But there's one thing we're dying to know..."

Nichkhun and Victoria exchanged a surprised glance. It had been years since they had talked about their virtual marriage, and they had never expected their past to resurface in this way.

Dawei leaned forward, eager for an answer. "What was the real deal between you two off-camera? Was there something more?"

Nichkhun and Victoria exchanged a knowing look, memories flooding back. It was a complex question, one that stirred a mixture of emotions. It had been so long ago that neither was sure what the actual story was if they were being honest. It felts like eons ago, a time of when they were bright-eyed youths, in contrast to now when they were both in the mid-30's already and a bit jaded.

"We were good friends," Victoria replied cautiously, choosing her words carefully. "We had a great working relationship, and it was an enjoyable experience."

Nichkhun nodded, his gaze distant as he reminisced about those days. "Yeah, we got along well. But, you know, it was a show, and we played our roles."

The truth was, during "We Got Married," there had been a genuine connection between them. They had laughed, bickered, and even shared some heartfelt moments. But something had changed, something that neither of them had spoken about until now.

As the crew prodded further, Aimi and Dawei asked more pointed questions, attempting to dig deeper into their past relationship. Victoria and Nichkhun's responses grew more guarded, revealing nothing more than polite professionalism.

In the midst of the probing questions, Victoria found herself recalling a moment from their "We Got Married" days. It was a quiet evening on the show, and she and Nichkhun had been sitting on a rooftop, gazing at the stars. In that moment, she had felt something more than friendship, something she hadn't been ready to admit at the time.

But as the show had progressed, their schedules had become busier, and Victoria noticed the distance growing between herself and Nichkhun. There had been no active effort to reconnect from the latter's part and Victoria had convinced herself that it was for the best, that their on-screen chemistry was just that—on-screen. Especially after that conversation she had overheard between Nichkhun and another 2PM member it seemed; in a time when she had a lot of questions between what Nichkhun would say in interviews but never said to her face.

He would hint at him being confused if reel was real during his Strong Heart guesting and the ramyeon BTS interview. However, exactly as Victoria retorted back to MC Hodong at that time "Why does oppa [Hodong] always bring up scenarios that never happened [in reality]?"; yes, Nichkhun would act sweet and do things like he was her boyfriend but he never directly broached the subject to her in person -- not once. She was hurt and decided to just shrug off everything that transpired between him and Nichkhun. It had been a defense mechanism to protect herself from the unexpected feelings that had stirred within her.

Nichkhun, quietly sitting in his seat at the table, eyes focused on Victoria, also had sensed the change. He had watched as Victoria became more reserved, and he had wondered if he had done something wrong. He had wanted to reach out, to ask her what had happened, but he had held back, fearing that he might push her further away just like before.

As the dinner and drinks continued, the atmosphere grew more relaxed, and Aimi and Dawei eventually dropped their line of questioning, realizing that it was a sensitive topic. The night continued with laughter, stories, and toasts to the success of their project.

As Victoria and Nichkhun clinked glasses with the crew, they were reminded of the hard work they put into their drama series as well as the new start they had. Being reunited, even only in a business sense felt like a part of their old selves were given back to them - the sparkling time of youth that they shared with each other. There was an unspoken understanding between them; they were burying the hatchet for the sake of this new connection they now had as adults. The past had shaped them in unexpected ways, and while they had drifted apart, they had also grown individually. The memories of "We Got Married" both good and bad, wree part of who they had become now. That topic has always felt taboo, something to run away from but with the new page lifted, it would be nice to see how the next chapter of their individual lives would unfold with the excess baggage of the past lifted, both of them thought.

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