The dimly lit hotel room, Victoria sat beside Nichkhun, her eyes half-closed, her movements slow and languid from the effects of alcohol. The soft light from the bedside lamp gave her an ethereal glow, and Nichkhun couldn't help but be captivated by her presence. Memories of their past and bittersweet emotions resurfaced with every passing moment; the "what ifs" that he had sworn he would not bring up anymore.

Nichkhun had yearned for her back then, though he had never voiced those desires openly to her. He was afraid; could he really risk everything specially when he wasn't even sure Victoria felt the same way. He found it always difficult to read her and never quite felt sure where he stood with her. He gave a lot of hints but either Victoria would just seem to pretend she didn't hear or see anything (that guesting at Strong Heart). It was either she was dense or just wasn't into him. He knew she was a smart woman and so he assumed the latter. It was also safer to give up, since their lives as idols was complicated. Over the years that ensued, misunderstandings, and the weight of their careers had kept them apart.

Now, with her so close yet still distant, he found himself grappling with a longing that had never truly faded. His hand trembled as he brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. "Are you copping out on me now? I thought you were game for no sleeping until we've settled all negative scores between us?" He tried to nudge her playfully.

She didn't respond back but just half smiled, her eyes fluttering open briefly before closing again. He could see she was teetering on the brink of slumber, caught in that hazy realm between consciousness and dreams. He nudged her and she looked at him, making his heart skip a bit like it always did whenever their eyes met. "God, those beautiful" he said in his mind as his eyes then zeroed in on her lips.

Would he hold himself back again like he did before? Victoria did say this kind of things were never planned or scheduled but then, could this be considered taking advantage? But Nichkhun knew he had to act quickly, before the alcohol completely overcame her. It was now or never. He leaned in, his heart pounding, and pressed his lips to hers in a soft, tender kiss.

It was a moment he had yearned for, a moment that had eluded him for years. Their lips met, and it felt as though time stood still. They had a kissing scene for 'Heart Rumble' but that couldn't be any more bland than plain water; rehearsed just like a performance that had no life beyond the stage.

But this one was nothing either of them could ever have prepared for. The sweetness of the kiss was intermingled with the weight of their shared history, a history that had molded their feelings and brought them to this unexpected juncture.

As their lips parted, Nichkhun searched Victoria's eyes for any sign of regret or hesitation. Instead, he found surprise, curiosity, and a subtle spark of something deeper.

Victoria's voice was barely a whisper. "Nichkhun-ssi..."

He couldn't ignore the surge of emotion that welled within him. "Qian," he murmured, using her real name, "I've missed you." He said, keeping a firm yet gentle hold of her in his arms.

To his surprise, tears glistened in Victoria's eyes as she leaned towards him. "I've missed you too, Khun."

And in that moment, they surrendered to the emotions that had lingered beneath the surface for so long. Their kiss deepened, their bodies pressed together, caught in a dance of yearning and rediscovery.

Their first night together was a slow, tender exploration of each other's hearts and souls. Whispers of affection and apologies for the misunderstandings of the past filled the air. Their bodies moved in harmony, their souls reconnecting with a depth of emotion that transcended the different people they had become from before until now; the years apart.

As the night flowed into the dawn, they lay in each other's arms, their hearts and bodies sated. The complexities of their situation as celebrities and the misunderstandings that had separated them for so long had given way. Nichkhun kissed Victoria's forehead, she was fast asleep, his voice filled with tenderness. "You mean a lot to me, Qian."

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