The truth behind lies

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A student and a professor who fell in love

Will they have a happy ending?


“This is wrong.”

“Maybe they are right. Our love is wrong.”

Nanlalabo na ang mga mata ko kakaiyak pero kitang kita ko parin ang kanyang magandang mukha

“Tell me please, are we sinners? I’m risking so much just by loving you, but every time I see you, hell doesn’t scare me anymore.”

Her face softened as I caressed her cheeks

I was shaking and bawling my eyes out.

I looked into her eyes.

I would rather be lost in her eyes, bask in the moment we have together without anyone around to bother us and tell us it’s wrong


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I had to upload, just a little something to cheer up everyone. Mag uupload ulit ako bukas matagal na to sa drafts ko.
Chapter 9: Love the storyline🥰
wnddmks_ 736 streak #3
Chapter 5: Niceee
gandlafchua #4
Chapter 4: Bat daming sensitive ngayon sa au student x teacher plot e dami nga dyan na mas weird and toxic na di ko naman nakikitaan ng bad comments. Fiction is fiction
winrinaz #5
u know that student-teacher relationship is weird right? it's even based on a true story
Taenggo9 #6
studentxteacher what 😭
gandlafchua #7
Chapter 2: Ok naman otor :)
soyiesows #8
hey! Author here
can yall read the texts alright??
Is the spacing alright?
sorry it's my first time