I Love You So

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A messed up year for the senior high students when Arese (G) began courting Nikki (W), one of Lorraine's (K) closest friends. During the preparation for their intramurals, the two rivals, Arese and Lorraine had to work together, forcing them to get along. 




Things haven't been going very well with me. I had to take some time and I am still going to. But I missed sharing stories. This has been in my drafts for a while now. I think I was writing this one along with the TDBU. So, here it is. Once a week update or we'll see how this one goes. 


This au is written in Tagalog-English (Taglish). Grammatical errors ahead. 




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Uchinagaeri #1
Chapter 5: Para akong nag treasure hunt kakahanap ng Kariselle fics 😭😭 thank you, ipagpatuloy niyo po sana ang kabadingan 🫰🏻
aerijelly #2
Chapter 4: my clumsy dumb gidget
aerijelly #3
Chapter 2: Mamamatay ako kakahanap ng kariselle fics e 🤧 thank you authornim!
Seated for this Kariselle fics are so rare ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ
yoonhun07 #5
Sana po dito wala ng ma dedz 😭