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[Oh Sehun of Umbra - Edelweiss]

Umbra- Ashgate, Umbra Castle

Matthew Lee knew what he was looking for. He was at his desk, slowly going through the many devices on his desk that he had gotten from Aether. He had only one thing in mind.


He never wanted to live his life in Umbra. It was twenty-two years ago that he was forced to be here. He was put in Umbra because Luhan’s father said he and Kyungsoo had to “pay” for his son dying in that lake. He had tried to cover it up by saying it wasn’t their fault… He even told Kyungsoo to leave Luhan’s body in that lake.

He had spent so many countless hours researching Gloria Ashgate’s cabinet. He realized one thing—the cabinet had to have both handles to fully open the portal. Right now, they had only Gloria Ashgate’s body from Aether and her bones crafted into a handle.

And people needed to be replaced in Aether.

Now, what would happen if Gloria Ashgate’s body in Umbra was found and her bones crafted into a handle for Umbra?

Matthew smirked. A free land for everyone. Everyone from Umbra to go and live in Aether, taking their place. 

That was why the people in Umbra Ashgate were deployed and worked to the bone to find that body that no one has ever found. Jesus Christ, Matthew thought, where could she be? He knew that Gloria was dead, but where did she go?

His prayers were answered when the one of the many things that Donghyuck did right came barking up the castle door.

Harley. Donghyuck’s very own blood hound that he had stolen and made sure was guarding Gloria Ashgate’s tomb had run up the castle doorstep. This was a sign—it meant Harley found something that was worth taking note of.

“Minho, sir!” Jun, one of the men from the town huffed and puffed as he pushed open the castle door.

“It’s “Matthew” if you’re within the castle grounds,” Matthew snapped at Jun. “What is it?”

“We…” Jun huffed, his body doubling over. “We… found a body.”

Matthew shot up, his eyes darting back and forth. “And?”

“We believe it’s Gloria Ashgate…”

That’s all Matthew needed to hear for him to stand and demand to see the body. Where did they find it? In what condition was it at?

“It was like she was mummified, sir. Hung on a tree.” Jun took a deep breath. “We’re certain it was her. We found runes of Edelweiss on her.”

Matthew knew that Gloria Ashgate was a friend of Joseph Elderweiss, a man that dealt with black magic in all of Umbra. He silently rejoiced in his mind, Matthew knowing that it was almost time for him to take his revenge to Aether and the Matthew who took his place.

The real Minho.

“Bring her in.”

The body was brought in, and Matthew saw that it was wrapped in dark brown cloth. He saw runes written all over it and that the body had a single necklace wrapped around the neck that still held its structure. The marble was glowing red.

“Gloria Regali,” Matthew breathed. “Or so, Gloria Ashgate. Is she still intact?”

Jun did not say anything, but he knew what to do. In less than three minutes, the body was unwrapped, and Matthew was surprised to see that it was still solidly held together.

“Beautiful,” Matthew whispered. “Call for Oh Sehun.”

Oh Sehun was known to be of Joseph Edelweiss descendent. His family stood high on the ground of Edelweiss and he and his sister were the recent generation who upheld Edelweiss’ tradition of black magic. It was known for a fact that Gloria Ashgate has asked Joseph Edelweiss to make the cabinet come to life—to allow it to become a portal between the two worlds.

The door burst open, and Matthew was greeted by Lee Jeno of Umbra, the male smiling at his subordinate, expecting the same celebration from the young teen.

L.J was stricken when he heard the news from Bunny that they found the body that he had run back to the castle to find out what was going on.

“Jeno,” Matthew called out, happy to see someone on his side as L.J forced a smile. “Good news. Please stop people from digging. We have found what we were looking for.”

“What is it that you are looking for?” L.J asked, the male gaining his composure and finally standing up straight.

“We… Jeno,” Matthew said excitedly. “are going to kill anyone who is in our way and finally live in Aether.”

With that, L.J smiled and told him that he was happy.

It was only a few hours after when Oh Sehun had arrived from Edelweiss to tell Matthew that the making of the handle from Gloria’s body would take approximately 4 days.

Oh Sehun was a tall and handsome man, pale to the bone. His thin lips would often show signs of disapproval every time Matthew would talk and L.J would think to himself that Matthew had met his match.

Sehun of Umbra ran his hand through the body. “Two days to carve out the bone. Three to measure and make sure the ritual is done right to open the doors to Aether.”

“Thank you, Sehun,” Matthew said, bowing to the man. “Rest assured, you will be among the first to accompany us to the journey to Aether.”

“Oh no,” Sehun said, a hand in the air. “I fail to see the allure of venturing into the land unknown territories of Aether when I am content in residing in Umbra, Minho. This is where my family is settled.”

This would be the first person Matthew would meet that did not want to in a better place. Someone who would choose the dark and dreary world of Umbra over Aether in the name of family.

“Joseph Edelweiss’ knowledge has been passed down from generations. My uncle, my predecessor, has just passed. It is now my turn to continue to craft of black magic.” Sehun turned to one of Matthew’s men, telling them to pack up the bones of Gloria Ashgate and to bring it to Edelweiss.

“Four days?” Matthew asked, Sehun nodding.

“During that approximate period,” Sehun replied. “This may be the second to the last time I see you, Minho. I wish you a fulfilled life beyond the borders of Umbra.”


Aether – Ashgate – Kyungsoo’s Hut

L.J had run over to Kyungsoo’s hut the moment he was able to. He had to tell the rest that the handle was in the process of making, and if it was successful, it would mean that the pathway would be fully opened and people from Umbra would have the freedom to come into Aether.

“Donghyuck,” L.J said, surprised to see that his peer seemed to be doing just fine, despite being tied tightly on a chair. Donghyuck looked up, scowling. “There, there. Before you call me a traitor….”

“You’re back,” Luhan greeted. “I was just telling Donghyuck here about circuses and theatres.”

L.J’s grim expression was enough to make Luhan realize that there was something else going on. As everyone gathered outside out of Donghyuck’s earshot, L.J began to tell them it would take only four days until everyone from Umbra would be able to enter Aether.

“Four days,” Kyungsoo breathed. “Four days is too little.”

“The hardest part would be trying to convince people on what is about to happen.”

Kyungsoo nodded at what Matthew said, turning to L.J. “Is there a way to stall them?”

“I don’t think so. The skeletal remains were passed onto a gentleman by the name of Oh Sehun, who introduced himself as a progeny of Joseph Edelweiss.”

“What’s a progeny?” Baekhyun asked, Matthew responding to his question.


“It appears that only a…” L.J paused. “a descendent of Joseph Edelweiss possesses the ability to fulfill Matthew’s wishes to make the handle.”

“We need to at least warn the towns people,” Matthew said to him. “You try to go back and find out what’s going on. When the pathway opens, how do we even save our people from the other side?”

L.J nodded. “They are located under a church. It is Kim Bunny who found Gloria Ashgate’s remains.”

“When four days come, our first priority would be to bring them out into Aether and protect them.” Matthew’s mind shifted to his brother.

“And our second priority would be to find out how to kill them and close the pathway,” Kyungsoo added.

It felt like everything was a day away to bringing Ashgate to its name—a gateway to another realm in a town that would burn into ashes.


Aether – Ashgate – The Phoenix Bar

Matthew didn’t have a plan.

He had no idea how to tell people about what was to happen. No one would believe him, he was sure.

The Phoenix was crowded as it usually was – minus Wilbur who would usually sit in one of the corners drinking to celebrate the life he has lived occasionally yelling out his catchphrase: It’s a win for Wilbur!

Everyone was there. Sally was drinking her usual gin tonic and would most probably drink a couple of shots that Jaehyun would give to her for free. Johnny was drinking, once again, from the bottle. There was the school janitor, Moon Tae-il, that was drinking orange juice and observing everyone quietly on the side.

“Heya!” Jaehyun yelled out, a hand in the air to greet Matthew. “Your favorite drink coming up!”

“I’m not here to drink,” Matthew said hastily, looking around to see that everyone was beginning to get drunk despite it only being 10 pm.

“What?” Jaehyun looked at him with disbelief. “Then why are you here? Get out of my bar.”

Matthew chewed on his lip, wondering how he’d be able to convince them about the pathway opening and a bunch of cannibalistic fakes taking over Ashgate. He didn’t notice that Baekhyun had taken the liberty to hop onto a chair, a drink in his hand.

“Can I get a Hooyah!” Baekhyun yelled out, a series of cheers coming from the drunken men. “Alright, listen up. We’re going to be invaded soon so all of you….” Baekhyun began slowing his speech. “All of you… must. leave. Ashgate.”

No response. Everyone stared at Baekhyun in wonder.

One, he was a fresh face that arrived only a few days ago.

Two, they were wondering what the heck he was talking about.

Kyungsoo had facepalmed himself at the lack of the response – he didn’t blame them. Baekhyun sounded like he was talking out of his .

“He’s right,” Kyungsoo said, lowering the hat he brought with him and placing it on the table. “Our town will be invaded soon. We must find a way to protect it.”

“I know it’s hard to believe,” Matthew began. “But you must trust me. You, your family, your children are going to be in danger. In a matter of days, people who look like you, people who look identical to your family, your children, are going out of a place filled with darkness and horror and coming to where we are.”

“Did getting a doctorate’s degree with your head?” A voice from one of bar sitters asked. “You lot aren’t the most credible around here. That guy is new. Kyungsoo’s the town outcast. And you, not to say you’re untrustworthy but you live under Daddy’s money, Matthew.”

“We all know that your father doesn’t have the cleanest of records,” another person added.

“My father has nothing to do with this,” Matthew said, feeling his heart twist at the accusations that were arising. He knew his father wasn’t one with great integrity, but Matthew had always seen himself as an individual away his parents.

The townspeople thought otherwise. The Lee’s were the Lee’s, and Matthew’s father was known to be capitalistic at best. Sometimes exploiting the town’s people just so he could make some extra cash.

“Why else would you ask your friends to speak for you?” Another said, frowning. She was an old woman who lived on her own with six cats. “An invasion from people who look like us? What dark fairytale have you been reading, Matthew?”

“If you don’t believe me, I’d at least like some cooperation.” Matthew closed his eyes for a brief second, reminding himself that he should at least try to change their mind. “Save your kids. Bring them to Shaire City.”

“He’s speaking bull. Matthew, do you hear yourself?” Another person groaned.

“I have been in ARA.” This time it was Bora who spoke. “They have been switching out the people you know from a place that is beyond your world. That’s why kids are becoming reformed. They aren’t the same!”

People began to groan and grumble, Bora taking a deep breath.

“You can choose not to believe in what we’re saying. But if there is one advice I’d like to tell everyone, it’s to get out of Ashgate as soon as possible. Go to Elderwise, Lancaster Port, Shaire, any place you can other than here.”

“No can do, Nurse Bora,” Sally called from the bar. “The kids have their exams tomorrow.”

“If you’re going to stay, find a way to defend yourself. There will be people coming out to get you. Once they do, they won’t hesitate to kill you,” Bora continued, not caring at the faces people were making. “If I were you, I’d be prepared just for the sake of it.”

“This is Ashgate, Nurse Bora,” Johnny piped up. “I’ve been sheriff for five years. Nothing ever happens here.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” another man said, waving his hand. “Young kids trying to play hero. It’s like how people told us the world would end in 2012. Look where we are now.”

Matthew, Bora, Baekhyun, and Kyungsoo exchanged looks. It was obvious that there wouldn’t be anything else they could do to convince everyone. All of them slid out of the bar when someone reached out to grab Kyungsoo’s elbow, the town outcast whipping his head around to come face to face with the high-school janitor.

“Moon… Tae-il?” Kyungsoo asked when he heard a whistle from the side, Luhan appearing from down the street. Kyungsoo took note on how Tae-il’s hand tightened for a split second before he let go. “Is there a problem?”

Kyungsoo took note of how when Tae-il looked up to see Luhan approaching them, his face paled.

“Tae-il,” Luhan greeted, passing the male a smirk. “Oh, Tae-il. Seems like you’ll never get used to me.”

The group moved away from the door, Tae-il nervously giving Luhan a bow before he turned to Kyungsoo. He shoved his hand into his pocket and brought out what seemed like a flashlight. He showed it to them like a child showing their parents what they got.

“I have it too,” Tae-il murmured, his eyes bouncing back and forth between all of them. “To check. If people are from the other side.”

Kyungsoo’s eyes widened, the male recalling every moment in his life where he always had a flashlight. He mirrored Tae-il’s action, bringing out a flashlight and showing it to him.

“Me too,” Kyungsoo whispered back. “They don’t flinch, do they?”

Tae-il nodded silently when Matthew raised a hand. “Uh… context, please?”

“My father is Moon Taewoo. He worked as a gardener for Luhan’s father twenty-two years ago,” Tae-il explained. “I was there when they found the body. I was also there when Luhan was replaced. I know of Umbra.”

“Tae-il here would serve me food in bed before running away because he was scared of what I was,” Luhan said with amusement in his voice. He went over to Tae-il, casually placing a hand on to Tae-il’s shoulder, the male squirming under his touch. “I’ve always tried to be your friend, Tae-il.”

“I think we must do what we have to do even if no one believes you.” Tae-il had completely ignored Luhan, the male clutching his heart and feigning hurt. “My father has said that this would happen again. History always repeats itself.”

“Do you have a plan?” Bora asked, Tae-il nodding.

Before Tae-il could tell them what his plan was, there was a grunt and they all looked back to see Officer Johnny smoking a cigarette. Matthew coughed, waving away the burnt smell in the air as Officer Johnny inhaled the nicotine down into his lungs.

“How long have you been standing there?” Kyungsoo asked, glaring at Johnny. “If you aren’t going to help with anything, you shouldn’t eavesdrop.”

Johnny dropped his cigarette onto the ground, thumbing the heel of his foot on it before shrugging. “Who said I wasn’t going to help?”

They frowned at Johnny, the officer looking up to blink at them.

“Let me give you guys a ride,” Officer Johnny said, motioning to his personal car that he changed to a police car.

“We don’t need a ride. I brought my car—”

“I insist, Matthew,” Johnny emphasized, telling everyone to get into the car. Right in front of the car was a sticker for Lancaster City, Baekhyun also taking note that Johnny’s license number was “LNC 3434”. He took shotgun, the male observing what Johnny had in his car.

“Are you from Lancaster Island?” Baekhyun asked, Johnny turning to look at him in surprise. Baekhyun tapped at the sticker on the glass. “Your sticker is up there. You also have one for Lancaster Port that allows you to park there indefinitely. Just guessing that you’re from there… considering no normal person can park in Lancaster Port whenever they want.”

“Wow, Sherlock,” Johnny replied, smiling at Baekhyun. “Deduction skills, eh?”

“So are you?” Baekhyun asked, Johnny nodding. “Really? I thought Citizens of Lancaster can’t leave Lancaster Island.”

Johnny laughed. “Where do you get your information from? Reddit?”

“Of course. The platform of truth written by OP’s.” Baekhyun gave him a peace sign before looking behind to see everyone crushed in the back. Bora was on top of Kyungsoo who looked uncomfortable. His big owl eyes were so focused on Matthew was who shifting back and forth beside him while making faces, he didn’t notice that Tae-il and Luhan were in a silent battle.

Both of them were speaking with their eyes in a language no one else could decipher when Johnny started the car before popping the question.

“What do you need?”

“I need space,” Kyungsoo complained, Bora trying to heave herself up so her full weight wasn’t just on him. He shoved her shoulder before turning to look at Matthew. “Take her.”

“Excuse me,” Bora snapped at Kyungsoo, Matthew looking unsure how to handle the situation.

“Excuse you. You’re on top of me.” Kyungsoo narrowed his eyes on Bora.

“I have no choice!” Bora exclaimed, Kyungsoo frowning at her.

“Yes, you do. Matthew,” Kyungsoo pushed Bora’s back so she slid onto Matthew’s lap. “I said take the girl.”

That was all that was needed for Kyungsoo to go back to his usual normal self, Bora sprawled on Matthew’s lap and trying to not move around as much, and Johnny repeating his question.

“What do you need?” Johnny paused. “I know I look like I don’t care, but I do. What can I do to help? With whatever thing that is coming up soon?”

“We need weapons. All of it.” Kyungsoo’s eyes met Johnny’s in the mirror. “Show me your weapon room.”

Aether – Ashgate, Police Station, Weapon Room

Johnny’s work room was freezing cold.

Quite the opposite of Kyungsoo when he saw what the weapon room had.

“Are you serious?” Kyungsoo demanded hotly, kicking the item by the door. “Two mops. One hunting rifle. One box of bullets… What in the ancient world is this?!”

“A pistol.”

“Yes, a pistol used three centuries ago?” Kyungsoo asked in disbelief, one eye bigger than the other eye.

“We’re so dead,” Baekhyun sighed, hopping over straight to the board to see that there was an Ashgate map. He snapped a picture. “Nice. It’s like a floorplan for the whole town.”

“I think you mean, it’s a map,” Luhan answered, turning to Kyungsoo who was still throwing a tantrum at the limited resources they had. “Surely, stomping your foot like an eight-year-old child will not magically will you to poop out unlimited bullets for the pistol, Kyungsoo.”

“I’ve been here five years,” Officer Johnny began. “Never had to fire a gun before. In Shaire, I was firing guns every other day.”

“Let’s not talk about Shaire City, it’s ridden with reptilians,” Baekhyun announced loudly, snapping another photo of one of Johnny’s walls.

“What?” Bora asked, confused as to what that meant.

“Noona, don’t get me started, okay?” Baekhyun said when Tae-il voiced piped up with an interested ‘Reptilians? Those exist?’. Baekhyun nodded. “They’re half human, half snake. They live undergrounds of the Robinsons mall. Take you away when you try clothes in the fitting room.”

“I’ve heard of that urban legend,” Officer Johnny said, Baekhyun scowling.

“It’s not an urban legend. It’s the truth. Here… follow my blog,” he told Tae-il, handing him his phone.

“Reptilians in Shaire City. How to Protect Yourself from These Creatures,” Tae-il read, nodding. “Interesting.”

“No flares! No guns!” Kyungsoo gave his foot one more stomp. “We need weapons, Johnny, weapons! Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. This is not okay. You!” He pointed at Johnny in the face. “You must order the guns, Johnny!”

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