New Life
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It was perfectly visible how nervous Donghae was to have Hyukjae in his house, even though they had been very careful not to be seen leaving alone. 

 Donghae : You can start and be quick, because, I still have Kaeun to pick up (sat down on the couch accompanied by the student)

 Hyukjae : Is it true that you are trying to fix your marriage?

 Donghae : Not that it's your business, but it's not true 

 Hyukjae : I yesterday

 Donghae : I know you ran into WooSeung and Kaeun, what else do you want to add?

 Hyukjae : I will take over our baby

 Donghae : No you won't (said thickly) I don't want to repeat again why you won't take over the paternity of this child

 Hyukjae : She's mine!

 Donghae : So? 

 Hyukjae : I have a right to her 

 Donghae : Ok Hyukjae (getting up already tired of that subject) Let's suppose that you assume paternity. What will you do next? Will you be able to stay in school and work at the same time?

 Hyukjae : There are so many people who do it

 Donghae: First, by law you are required to have a room for the child in case you spend time with him and you still live in a university dormitory. Second, once the baby is born you will have to dedicate yourself 100% and that can cause conflicts between work and college. Third, how are you going to tell your parents that you are going to be a 21-year-old appa of a man who is your teacher?

 Hyukjae : You were

 Donghae : I am! Because I still work at the college you study at (smiled forcedly) Fourth, can you leave behind your youth, the outings with friends, the competitions to take care of a baby? And fifth, the earnings you might get from your part-time job won't be enough for you to take care of an apartment with the basic necessities and the baby's things. Because you already know that things are quite expensive


 The student stared seriously at Donghae without being able to say a single word, because, once again, he didn't think about any of these questions. 

 Hyukjae : My parents can help


And the older one couldn't hold back a sarcastic laugh making the other shrink.

 Donghae : Do you want to bet what your parents' reaction will be when they find out who is carrying your child is a 36 year old man who is your teacher? (the dancer didn't say anything) That's what I thought (he took a deep breath so as not to get more stressed than he already was) It's not worth it, to keep insisting on something you'll only regret  


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Idaharith #1
Chapter 18: I'm sad it finish , can't wait with your new fic
Urlia_ #2
Chapter 18: aaa i love it so much!! thank you for writing such a beautiful story <3
1455 streak #3
Chapter 18: i think you did good ending it here :)
Atleast, we got to know that kaeun had finally accepted hyuk in her life and that hyuk is also accepted by hae’s fam and vice versa.
thank you for this. see you on the next fic.
1455 streak #4
Chapter 17: Oh so hae finally fell for hyuk? Wow congrats kaeun! You'll be noona!! ^^
Idaharith #5
Chapter 16: Love in the air 😍😍
1455 streak #6
Chapter 16: Hmm. Seems like hyuk had already made his way not only in hae's life but also with Kaeun's ^^ like that hyuk had acknowledge that wooseung's love for kaeun...
1455 streak #7
Chapter 15: What Kaeun's appa did was very wrong. How could he not call donghae when he cancelled his appointment with Kaeun! and let her go home on his own!! :(
finally hyuk realized that kaeun’s the most affected in their set up :( but kaeun is v bright and wise too! hope that she’s not gonna bottle up her emotions and tell hae abt it..
hyuk is surely making his way through hae and kaeun’s lives..

thanks for the update.
1455 streak #8
Chapter 14: I see hyuk trying to win kaeun's heart...
ldh2013 #9
Chapter 13: I guess they started dating since they're acting like they're in a relationship? A relationship with genuine feelings doesn't magically happen just because someone got pregnant but Donghae is acting like he has feelings for Hyukjae even though the one night stand was the first time he even became aware of Hyukjae's existence. Hyukjae is taking so many liberties too. Sorry, if I barely know you, you are not driving my car. Baby daddy or no baby daddy. Hyukjae is really lucky that Donghae is always giving in to everything he wants. He's so submissive. Doesn't make sense unless they're actually in a relationship, but hey, good for Hyukjae. He should be really happy.
1455 streak #10
Chapter 12: When hae said that they are in a big mess, I can totallg agree with that. Lols.
Hmmm will hyuk's plan work out in their favor in the end??