New Life
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Donghae woke up that morning feeling a little queasy, when he looked at himself in the mirror, he lifted his blouse a little, seeing his belly already surprisingly bulging. If it weren't for the baggy clothes he had put away when he was waiting for Kaeun that hid his belly, it was already possible to see the development of his calf.

  A smile was born on his face, despite the situation in which his baby boy had been born he was still his and would be loved as much as he loved Kaeun. 

 He was so distracted feeling the love his baby was making him feel that he was startled when a new figure appeared behind him. 

 Donghae : What are you doing here? (he lowered his blouse facing his ex-husband) And how did you get in?

 WooSeung : We arranged for me to take Kaeun to school today and you haven't changed the access code yet (smiled) Are we having a baby?

 Donghae : Of course not (moved away when the other approached you)

 WooSeung : My love, I know your body (tried to touch her, but was pushed away) Hae come back to me. We're going to have a baby together 

 Donghae : We're not going to. You're the one having a baby over there! Focus on that!

 WooSeung : I don't care about her, I only want you 

 Donghae : That's why you had two years with her while you were still married to me (laughs wryly) Really, I thought we had the perfect life, but apparently I was dead wrong  

 WooSeung : Our life can still be perfect and we can start over with our baby


 The brunette watched her ex-husband's posture all confident and full of hope. The baby wasn't WooSeung's and it wasn't fair to give that illusion.

 Donghae : The baby is not yours (bowed his head)

 WooSeung : You're just telling me that, to leave you alone, but that's not going to happen

 Donghae : Also, but the baby is not yours 

 WooSeung : I can't believe it 

 Donghae : I'm 3 months

 WooSeung : How?! (widened his eyes) 

 Donghae : I'm 3 months and we didn't have anything for 2 months before signing the divorce 

 WooSeung : You can't (refused to believe it) The belly is big almost entering the fourth month


 And the teacher was aware of that fact. He feared that he was expecting not one, but two babies.

Donghae : WooSeung, the baby is not yours!

 WooSeung : Whose is it?

 Donghae : It's not your business 

 WooSeung : Of course it is! That baby will be a part of our daughter's life making that child's appa a part of it too 

 Donghae : That won't happen 

 WooSeung : What do you mean, (Minor looked away) This idiot won't take over?

 Donghae : It's a complicated matter (sighed embarrassed)

 WooSeung : Complicated?! Who is it? 

 Donghae : WooSeung

 WooSeung : Is it that boy Kaeun told me?

 Donghae : What boy? (frowned without understanding) 

 WooSeung : When I went to dinner with Kaeun, we met a young

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