New Life
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The next day, Hyukjae woke up again in Donghae's bed and once again he loved the feeling of being next to his eldest, feeling his children kicking their omma's belly. 

 Kaeun when he heard that the dancer was giving dance lessons, asked to accompany him, causing Donghae to eventually go too and have fun. 

 Hyukjae was loving every moment spent next to the brunette and the little girl who kept calling him ajushi out of spite. 

 During the week, Donghae and Hyukjae would meet at the college and when the younger one noticed that there was no one around, he would steal a kiss from the teacher with a light caress on his belly, but that soon followed a scolding from the older one and the student would shrug with a fond smile on his face. 

And one of those days, was that day.

Donghae: You have to go before someone comes in. 


 No matter how much he scolded he couldn't get away from the taller one who left a few selfies in the hollow of his neck. 

 Hyukjae : Hmm (walked up to the teacher's mouth)

 Donghae : Hyuk, please 

 Hyukjae : If you want me to stop so badly, push me away (whispered against another's ear) Push me Hae (bit his loin)

 Donghae :You're doing it on purpose (mumbled softly) You know I'm sensitive and always hot and you're...


 He was silenced by a tongue kiss and the bigger one forced the brunette to lean more against the living room desk. 

 Hyukjae : If I didn't have class in the next few minutes, I would love you on top of this desk

 Donghae : Hyukie... (groaned slurred feeling the effect of the words) We have to stop, someone could still come in

 Hyukjae : Alright (Another kiss and he pulled away a little) See you later 

 Donghae : Go 


 Another kiss was stolen by the student, before he left the room leaving the teacher sighing for more. 


 The day passed quickly, when Hyukjae noticed, he was leaving the dance school after another day of work, when he opened the door and was startled by a small girl sitting on the stairs. 

 Hyukjae : Kaeun! What are you doing here? (sat down on the stairs next to the little girl)

 Kaeun : I just wanted to attend class, but I was too late 

 Hyukjae : But isn't today the day for training?

 Kaeun : Appa cancelled 

 Hyukjae : And where is he?

 Kaeun : It's okay (shrugged) 

 Hyukjae : Your omma? (looked around for Donghae, but the little girl bowed her head) Kaeun, omma where is he?

Kaeun : He doesn't know (speaks sadly) 

 Hyukjae : What happened?

 Kaeun : Appa didn't pick me up (gritted her teeth to keep from crying) 

 Hyukjae : And that made you sad?

 Kaeun : When appa doesn't pick me up, then comes omma 

 Hyukjae : Donghae is where?

 Kaeun : That's the problem (took a deep breath) Appa forgot to tell omma and since I didn't want to bother, I thought I could go home alone 

 Hyukjae : But...

 Kaeun : I didn't want to go home

 Hyukjae : Why?

 Kaeun : Omma would know right away that something was wrong 

 Hyukjae : And you came to me?

 Kaeun : The dance school is near my school and I thought if you took me home, Omma wouldn't know the truth (faced the adult with a small smile on his face)

 Hyukjae : And what do you plan to say when Donghae sees us together?

 Kaeun : I thought of saying that I wanted to take a dance class and appa let me, but he had to leave and ajushi said he would take me home

 Hyukjae : You've got it all figured out! (exclaimed in amazement at the little girl's plan)

 Kaeun : All that's left is for you to accept

 Hyukjae : I accept (the girl smiled) But on one condition

 Kaeun : What?!

 Hyukjae : I'm not ajushi (Spoken like a sulky child making the little girl laugh) 

 Kaeun : Okay Uncle Hyuk 

 Hyukjae : That's more like it 


 Kaeun smiled and stood up from the stairs a little with a more relaxed face, but a little red from holding back crying and Hyukjae noticed this.

 Kaeun : Shall we go?

 Hyukjae : It's okay to cry because we feel hurt by a person 


 It was only by saying those words that the little girl stared him in the eyes

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