New Life
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That day, Hyukjae was especially nervous sitting on the couch in his parents' home as they offered food and talked about his college. Facing his parents, the dancer smiled, wishing he could be like that with his future son.  

 His omma, HeeGun smiled excitedly to be in the presence of his family, but knowing his son well, he could see his son's nervousness. 

 HeeGun : Hyuk, dear, do you want to tell us something?

 Hyukjae : Omma... (sighed hesitantly)

Jungkwon : What happened, my son?

 Hyukjae : There is something I want to tell you and I hope I have your support (both nodded) I got involved with someone almost four months ago 

 HeeGun : You're dating? HeeGun : That's nice!

 Hyukjae : No (said frustrated) Not yet 

 Jungkwon : Did you come to ask for advice?

 Hyukjae : Not yet either 

 HeeGun : Then what happened?

 Hyukjae : I got so involved with him that I forgot to warn him 

 HeeGun : I can't believe it! (put his hands over his mouth in panic)

 Jungkwon : Hyukjae! 

 Hyukjae : It happened (bowed his head) But I'm so happy (and quickly stood up with a smile on his face)

 HeeGun : What about him?

 Hyukjae : That's the problem 

 Jungkwon : Is he going to abort? (son denied) Don't you want the baby? (no answer) Son?

 Hyukjae : Donghae doesn't want me to take the baby

 HeeGun : Why?

 Jungkwon : Wait a minute (the two peered at him) Donghae? Isn't that your math teacher's name? 

 HeeGun : People can have the same name 

 Hyukjae : Omma, appa, that's who I got involved with 

 HeeGun : With your math teacher?!

 Jungkwon : Now it makes sense, why he doesn't want you to take over

 Hyukjae : But I will take over and I will work hard to support my baby 

 HeeGun : What about college?

 Hyukjae : I won't give it up 

 HeeGun : Will you be able to balance everything? Work, college and baby?

 Hyukjae : I'll have to 

 Jungkwon : We can help 

 Hyukjae : No! I want to prove that I can do it, that I am not just another young man b

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