New Life
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Hyukjae woke up with a smile on his face with the pleasant dream he once again had with Professor Lee, he was going to stretch to crack his sore bones, but a weight in his chest prevented him from having that action and he observed who was next to him.

 At his stage, a smile grew wider and wider until it showed his gums, as he realized that last night had not been a dream, but a reality. 

 He pulled the older man up, feeling him move slyly, snuggling closer to him. 

 He wanted to freeze time at that moment. How many years he had dreamed of having Donghae there with him! Every student had a crush on the most handsome professor in college who taught math class.

 Hyukjae still remembered the first time he saw the brunette, at first he mistook him for just another student, but when he passed a room and noticed that this was the one teaching the class, he couldn't believe it. 

 Then, later he learned from the students in his last year that this was the most handsome teacher who taught mathematics and who made everyone sigh with his intelligence, his kindness and his beauty, he soon realized that he was in trouble. However, her heart only ached when she learned that Donghae was married and had a daughter from that marriage. Hopes were dying more and more and he let himself dwell on dreams that would be impossible to come true, until that moment! 

 He should have hit the jackpot, because there stood the forbidden Professor Lee, all in his bed after an intense night. 

 He was interrupted from his thoughts, when he noticed the other moving more giving signs that he was waking up. 

 Hyukjae : Good morning (smiled and quietly joined their mouths together)

  Hearing a different voice than usual, Donghae got up from his bed, noticing that this was not his room, much less his home.

 Donghae : What? 

 Hyukjae : Donghae... (smiled, sitting up in bed)

 The brunette also noticed that that man or rather that boy was his student, who had only a sheet covering his hip area. He looked down at his body, seeing that he was also .

 Donghae : What happened here?

 Hyukjae : I think it's more than obvious what happened (He stood up and walked towards the other trying to kiss him, but was pushed away) Donghae...?

 Donghae : Donghae nothing, Hyukjae! This shouldn't have happened (started looking for his clothes) 

 Hyukjae : But it did (stops him with a smile and grabs him by the waist)

 Donghae : No! (again pulled away) I'm your teacher! 

 Hyukjae : And?

 Donghae : What happened between us was wrong!

 Hyukjae : Who says so?

 Donghae : I say, your parents say, your family and the whole society! (stares in total disbelief at himself) I can't believe I did this (scolds himself) 

 Hyukjae : Donghae...

 Donghae : Professor Lee (corrected him) I sincerely regret what happened here 

 Hyukjae : But...

 Donghae : I shouldn't have let myself be led by alcohol

 Hyukjae : I wanted to too 

 Donghae : But you shouldn't have! Hyukjae, what happened should be forgotten 

 Hyukjae : No! (exclaimed realizing that the other was almost dressed)

 Donghae : How could it not! It was wrong 

 Hyukjae : I won't forget 

 Donghae : Hyukjae for your sake

 Hyukjae : I liked what we did yesterday (the teacher widened his eyes) And honestly, I also liked that you.... (the other one shot him a look) ...that teacher Lee (he corrected himself by rolling his eyes) ...also liked 

 Donghae : This is to be forgotten 

 Hyukjae : Why, (stamping his foot like a spoiled child) 

 Donghae : Forget it Hyukjae!

 After saying that, he quickly dressed and left the student alone with the

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Idaharith #1
Chapter 18: I'm sad it finish , can't wait with your new fic
Urlia_ #2
Chapter 18: aaa i love it so much!! thank you for writing such a beautiful story <3
1432 streak #3
Chapter 18: i think you did good ending it here :)
Atleast, we got to know that kaeun had finally accepted hyuk in her life and that hyuk is also accepted by hae’s fam and vice versa.
thank you for this. see you on the next fic.
1432 streak #4
Chapter 17: Oh so hae finally fell for hyuk? Wow congrats kaeun! You'll be noona!! ^^
Idaharith #5
Chapter 16: Love in the air 😍😍
1432 streak #6
Chapter 16: Hmm. Seems like hyuk had already made his way not only in hae's life but also with Kaeun's ^^ like that hyuk had acknowledge that wooseung's love for kaeun...
1432 streak #7
Chapter 15: What Kaeun's appa did was very wrong. How could he not call donghae when he cancelled his appointment with Kaeun! and let her go home on his own!! :(
finally hyuk realized that kaeun’s the most affected in their set up :( but kaeun is v bright and wise too! hope that she’s not gonna bottle up her emotions and tell hae abt it..
hyuk is surely making his way through hae and kaeun’s lives..

thanks for the update.
1432 streak #8
Chapter 14: I see hyuk trying to win kaeun's heart...
ldh2013 16 streak #9
Chapter 13: I guess they started dating since they're acting like they're in a relationship? A relationship with genuine feelings doesn't magically happen just because someone got pregnant but Donghae is acting like he has feelings for Hyukjae even though the one night stand was the first time he even became aware of Hyukjae's existence. Hyukjae is taking so many liberties too. Sorry, if I barely know you, you are not driving my car. Baby daddy or no baby daddy. Hyukjae is really lucky that Donghae is always giving in to everything he wants. He's so submissive. Doesn't make sense unless they're actually in a relationship, but hey, good for Hyukjae. He should be really happy.
1432 streak #10
Chapter 12: When hae said that they are in a big mess, I can totallg agree with that. Lols.
Hmmm will hyuk's plan work out in their favor in the end??