little victories

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little victories is a series about conversations that should have happened.

(in which Wendy and Taeyeon go back and forth about their feelings.)

(or the exes au nobody is asking for but i wrote it anyway.)


Part I
midnight rain

Taeyeon, and the way all of her changed like midnight.

(in which, they meet again for the first time in months and her gut is ripped apart by the heartbreak she sees in her ex-lover's eyes.)


Part II
plot twist

Wendy, and how she missed all the stop signs.

(in which, wendy recalls the night that changed everything)


Part III
the 1

Taeyeon, Wendy, and the moment they both learn where all things go to die.

(in which, the morning after tells them two very different stories.)

little victories playlist:

"Little Victories" by Malia Civetz
"Midnight Rain" by Taylor Swift
"Plot Twist" by Niki
"the 1" by Taylor Swift


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Chapter 3: the angst 😭 welcome back and thank you for continuing this story author 🩵💜
Denisse23 #2
Chapter 3: Wow, an update, I thought you were no longer going to continue with this story, thanks for coming back, I love this.
Frabones #3
Chapter 3: Oh wow!!!! I wasn't expecting an update, what a nice surprise!!
Chapter 3: an update yay! wow seungwan really didn't deserve all the taeyeon put her through, such a coward and trying to coming back just like that?? girl you messed up so bad at least try a little harder. thank you for this update, take care!
wenall5rvv #5
Chapter 3: omg the story is still updating, im so exciting, i dont have many words to expess my feelings on your wentae but i like this so much, the way you expess their thoughts and actions make them feel like a real people with their own thoughts and they have imperfections, they made mistakes and what goes around comes around. i really hope for more chapters and good job author nim, congrat!!!
Chapter 3: OMG AN UPDATE so happy you're back 😭🫂 and damn Taeyeon??? Why...I hope if she want Wendy back than I expect her to literally work her off tbh
Chapter 2: Wow this is so beautifully written, you had my hear aching the whole time, I just hope they find a place to talk things through because both of them are hurting and it's sad 🥺
Chapter 2: I'm eons late but there's definitely not enough wentae fics in the world let alone well-written ones. The call for saudade is there but not really, and I love that they're written as similar but at the same time not. Maybe that's the tragedy. Kudos.
Chapter 2: any plan to continue this? this is so good that i cried while read it
Chapter 2: i'm never really a fan of angst fics but this one just hit right in the feels. i love how this chapter tackled how wendy and taeyeon's relationship(?) started. thank you for this, author-nim. i hope you can comeback and write another wentae fic. that would be nice. ;)