Only Girl In The World

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Life is a fest for Joohyun.  On a scale of one to I’m-done, she’s totally given up. Grieving over a profound loss one evening, she unexpectedly connects with her reclusive neighbor who is also dealing with her own agonizing existence and could compete with Joohyun in a ‘Whose Life More’ contest.  Two broken souls seek refuge in each other’s warmth. The road to damnation is paved with sorrows... but it doesn’t need to be a lonely journey.  With both their lives spiraling down, they might as well crash together.  But they did not expect the sweetness of the burn.  How is it possible that in a world with no light, the fusion of their pain unintentionally ignites a glorious flame?  They say misery loves company... but what if in misery, you fall in love with the company?


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