Finally, I Found My Heaven

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A story of transfer student who fell in love with his senior

Emotional breakdowns, misunderstandings, friendship Breakup etc 

And the senior already in love with this transfer student but the transfer student thought that he is in love with another person.



I was planting a plant in our balcony with my brother, And we were playing with soil by throwing on each other, the soil was full on our bodies. 

At that moment, my brother threw soil on me but I crouched down and the soil was thrown away from me and it fell on someone's body. I don't know who that person is. Because I didn't turn around to see who was that person. My brother said sorry to that person and my brother smiled at that unknown person (Just like he accepted the apology) And about to went away. After i finished my work I got up and turn around and i only saw that person's eyes And I started to wonder why Seoul is full of handsomes


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