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Nearly everyone has worn a t-shirt with a funny saying or message on it. But what if a cute stranger keeps wearing shirts with messages that seem to be speaking directly to you?


This is just a silly fluffy story. Hopefully it will make you smile.

Thanks to my bestie autia for the idea and the cover art.

As always I don't own the people these characters are based on but I do own this story. 


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Chapter 1: That hit the spot! tyvm for this enjoyable read
Chapter 1: So cuteee, thanks for writing this 💕
simjang #3
Chapter 1: Cute!! Hahaha, it's so dorky and cute.
Chapter 1: LMAO~ I'm surprised he got away with the slight scandalous prints in their school. LOL~ There are some, if not all, who prohibits shirts like that inside school grounds 🤭
Chapter 1: I wonder if hae found inspiration for shirt from those shirts online kkkk
Chapter 1: Be still my heart. That was so sweet and cute. I want a t-shirt love too. Eunhae rocks!
1287 streak #7
Chapter 1: Lol lee donghae what a way to capture your crush's attention. Haha so new and refreshing ✨ haha! Also looooved the lines use on the shirts, no wonder hyuk fell for it! Haha

Thankies for this, authornim! ^^
enpress_ellen #8
Chapter 1: Awesome story 💙
Peas89109 #9
Chapter 1: My heart!!!
Corny but still lovely!
Classic t shirt and the flirty ones are so funny!😏😏
Thank you cinn for this one shot!!! I miss your stories!!!!
Ahhh this was so cute and wholesome it made me smile hard!!! I live for eunhae fluff! The t-shirts with these kind of messages are so corny but so cute at the same time, but… I wouldn’t mind being confessed in this kind of way 😫🤣 Also I’m gonna go read your fics bc so far I’ve only read 2 (excluding this) I love the way you write <3