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Donghae is obsessed with reality shows. Hyukjae just wants to change their reality.


Just a quick one shot while working on another story. It's totally ridiculous. 


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Chapter 1: Seriously, what was Hyukjae thinking when he planned ir?! XD with a friend like Donghae, he isn't getting anywhere like that haha! I'm so glad Donghae confessed, it was perfect timing! Hyukjae is so whipped, and appreciates him so much. Awesome idea, thank you for writing!
LeeLenaMx #2
Chapter 1: I am back to AFF and my first author i checked was you. Nice short story!
Chapter 1: good job on this!! eunhae is so adorable and cute here. omg, I love it! ❤❤ thank you! 💙
Chapter 1: They are so adorable! This story made me smile after a very tiring and stressful day. Thank you for sharing this with us!!
TaiShanNiangNiang #5
Chapter 1: Crazy, fun, unique premise!
Love how it worked out for EunHae better than Hyukjae could have imagined :)
My fav aunt is back!!🤧 i missed you. And i'm sorry I didn't reach out even tho I missed you. But i really love this story and am glad for it.
Chapter 1: This is adorable. Or what was the word I've seen... adorkable?!

As usual you just write amazing stories, even if it's very short this time. I loved EunHaes dynamic in this fic. So cute.

Can't wait for you next project 😬😊
Chapter 1: Oh my oh my, this is so funny, so sweet!!! Aaaaaa I can't stop smiling while reading this. This is beautiful, thank you for writing this authornim 💕💕💕
Chapter 1: hahaha oh my. I'm sure Hyukjae will hear about this for the rest of his life!
the part where donghae's plump and morning wood rubbing Hyukjae's face is so funny and oh I can only imagine. lol
Chapter 1: C'est adorable, mais c'est plutôt Hae qui kidnappé Hyuk dans la réalité 😉. Merci pour cette jolie histoire. 💙