The Cyclist

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True love never dies.


Just a one shot. Cover art by the glorious

(Thank you my cabbage daughter! ❤️)


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Purple_Phoenix #1
Chapter 1: I expected it to be Hyukjae and for some reason the fact that it was Donghae all along made me sadder.
Chapter 1: 🥲🥲🥲🥲
Chapter 1: So much pain but it's bittersweet. Donghae is so full of love, I hope he won't feel lonely when Eunhae is away. Thank you for writing such an emotional story~
Chapter 1: I wasn't expecting the uncle to be Donghae, but it does make sense that he's always the one who loved more! Really enjoyed reading this, so many emotions, and the name of the boy was just the final blow. Thank you for writing!
I really wasn’t sure how to tell the backstory when I originally got the idea. But having it be a bit of a mystery made the reveal of who the narrators were even more powerful. So much pain but also so much love. 😭
Sylphide890807 #6
Chapter 1: Vous m'avez fait pleurer. C'est tellement bien écrit, dès qu'on commence à lire on devient curieux, on se pose des questions sur les personnages (qui est qui ?). C'est comme l'écoulement d'un fleuve tranquille. Eunhae nous raconte son histoire calmement et ensuite cet échange qui nous dévoile le secret.
Merci beaucoup pour cette histoire.
A bientôt.
Chapter 1: This is so bittersweet! Made me tear up..... It's so beautiful and heartwarming but at the same time it's painful and makes my heart ache. 3k words and I'm crying. Definitely a great read!
1455 streak #8
Chapter 1: This is so heartwarming. It gave so much feels. Indeed, a bittersweet love.

thanks for this authornim! :) I wanna cry over this. haahha
Chapter 1: Ah, truly bittersweet but so wonderful. this one made me tear up, but its beautiful. thank you once more for another masterpiece and your hard work is appreciated. im always looking forward to your stories. thanks for writing and see you next time.
rifssshy #10
Chapter 1: 🥺