Can't Wait To See You Again

Perfect 10

Minseok walked me up to the front door of my apartment. Tonight has truly been something different for the both of us. Can not wait to go out with him again for our second date, too. Though, I did not want this one to be over but as they say..all good things must come to an end. We stood there, looking at one another. With smiles on our faces.


“Despite me having a lot of nervousness and anxiousness, I really had such a wonderful time with you, Minseok.” I spoke.


“I had such a wonderful time with you, too, Camilla.” Minseok spoke back to me. What I did not know is that Clarissa was trying to sneakingly look out the window to see what was going on between Minseok and I. He suddenly held both of my hands in his as the smile on his face suddenly disappeared.


“I just realized that we may have to keep our relationship a secret when it comes to work. Not that I want to but..I do not want to risk you losing your job.” Minseok told me.


“Is it against the rules to date a coworker?” I asked. Minseok shook his head.


“It is not because of is because my father runs the company. I am not going to break up with you but..I just do not want something bad to happen to you because of him..or finding out that we are together.” Minseok answered. I held my hands tighter in his as I kept looking at him with a smile on my face.


“I understand but..I am not afraid of him. I love you and if he fires for it, oh well. I am not going to stop being with you because he may not like and/or accept it. If he does not accept the fact that I love his son with all of my heart, that is his problem, not ours. If you want me to be your lover then I will fight tooth and nail to be with you.” I told him. Minseok smiled again.

“And I want to be yours, too. I will fight to be with you, too. I mean, I could care less about what my father thinks about us being together. I just want to make sure that you will be okay. He can be a bit traditional with his views when it comes to relationships and who I should be with.” Minseok said. I truly understood where he was coming from. Personally, I do not want to ruin anything for him when it comes to his father but..Minseok means everything to me.


And his father is going to have to realize that Minseok is only doing what makes him happy when it comes to how he lives his life. Nothing else. I am also going to make sure that Minseok is happy, too. He already does it for me. 


“Do not worry, Minseok. Everything is going to be okay. And I promise that if you need to do this then I will respect that.” I said back. Minseok appreciated it. All of a sudden, Minseok let go of my hands. I wrapped them around his shoulders, not taking our eyes off one another. Minsoek also wrapped his arms around my waist, too. I felt like there were butterflies swarming around in my heart but they were happy butterflies.


“I can not wait for our second date.” I told him. Neither could he.


“Same here. I love you, Camilla.” Minseok spoke. I moved my face closer enough to only a couple of inches apart.


“And I love you, too, Minseokie.” I spoke back. All of sudden, Minseok placed his lips against mine, giving me a passionate but gentle kiss. I accepted the kiss as we stood there embracing each other. At this point, Clarissa was still watching us and I did not care. I was still pissed at her for what happened earlier but..I was not going to let her get to me anymore. I was over the moon. 


When one of us pulled away and looked at each other again, Minseok gave me another kiss but on the cheek this time. 


“I will let you know when I have gotten back home. Also, if you think of anything for the second date, just let me know. I am up for anything when it comes to you.” Minseok told me. This time, I had an idea.


“Actually..I am going to let you come up with what we should do for our second date. I am up for anything as well.” I suggested. 


“I will let you know.” Minseok said. After we let go of one another and said our goodbyes and gave each other another kiss on the lips, Minseok waited until I got into my home safe and sound before heading back into his car and headed off to go to his home for the night. I watched him until I could no longer see his car going down the street. When I did get back into the house, it seemed that Clarissa was already away from the window and sitting on the couch with a magazine in both of her hands as I looked at her.


Trying to pretend that she did not sneak and see what was going on outside between Minseok and I. She also still had a sour mood on her face. Still pissy that she did not have a date tonight and I did. And as much as I wanted to dig into it, I was going to be a better person and just let it go. ..For now. Also, I was tired but very happy at the same time. We both made eye contact. 


“Well, I am going to take a shower and head to bed for the night!” I exclaimed then began to walk off. Clarissa was shocked that is all I said, to say the least.


“You are not going to tell me how it all went down?!” Clarissa exclaimed. I shook my head. I really had nothing else more to say to her honestly.


“Nope. But I will say one seems that you are going to be seeing less of me in this house for now on.” I answered. Clarissa did not say anything else. Nor do I think that she wanted to. Just sat there. It seems that Clarissa was speechless for once. And it actually felt great. I gave her a smile.


“You have a good rest of your night, Clarissa.” I told her then turned around and headed upstairs to get undressed and jump in the shower before going to sleep. After I arrived in my room, fully dressed and freshly washed, I heard my phone go off. I rushed over and looked at the screen. It was a text and a video sent from Minseok. The text was to let me know that he arrived home safely. When I started the video, it was of him in bed, wearing pajamas.


“I hope you have a wonderful night and I love you so much, Camilla!” Minseok sweetly spoke in the video and then moved his head towards the eye of the camera to make it look like he was trying to give me a kiss. It was short but very sweet. I decided to text him a video as well. I got into bed and started to record myself for the message I want to tell him in the clip.


“I truly did and I hope you have a wonderful night as well, Minseok! I love you so much, too!” I happily exclaimed then blew him a kiss at the end. After I stopped the recording, I looked it over and then sent it to him. A couple of minutes later, I got another reply from him with a bunch of love and heart emojis with a line underneath that said:


You are the best girlfriend in the world! Never stop being who you are because I love you that way.”


Not going to lie, that message did bring a tear to my eye and a huge smile to my face. 


“Awe! He is such a sweetheart!” I said to myself. I sent him another text that read:


And you are perfect the way you are, too. You are the best boyfriend in the world!”


After a few more minutes of texting back and forth, we ended it for the night as we were both about to go to sleep. I placed my phone on the charger on my side table and got comfortable in my bed again. I drifted off to sleep still with a smile on my face. 


Even with the issue about Clarissa and my nerves being all wonky..tonight was just amazing. I can't wait to spend more time with him. Not just as coworkers but as now officially as boyfriend and girlfriend.

The End

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