Cheesy Goodness

Perfect 10

On our way to the burger joint, we jammed to K-pop on the car radio. Before I even knew Minseok and began to work for his father, I already knew how to speak and was able to read Korean fluently. I also know a few other languages besides Korean and English, too. I guess that was a perk for me getting hired but I am in no way of shape and form the kind of person who would fight for a job if someone is truly more qualified than I am for any kind of job. Yet..I am so glad that I was hired. 


Otherwise, I would not have been able to meet Minseok. Not saying where I work at it is my dream job did help me find the man of my dreams. So, in a way..I guess that getting hired was not a bad thing in the end. I just wish that it was so boring and makes me want to jump out a window everytime I deal with someone who is being rude. Just glad that Minseok is there to help me feel better as much as he can and makes my days at work so wonderful.


Now that we are on a date and hanging out outside of work as well, things are starting to change..for the better. Hopefully, I can make him happy. The last thing I want is to have Minseok leave my life because of me being stupid or hurting him, which I will never unless it is to save his life. When we suddenly arrived at Barry's Burgers, Minseok pulled his car into the parking lot of Barry’s Burgers. 


Barry’s Burgers is not a huge franchise like McDonalds but it is like a mom and pop burger joint. I also find the burgers more filling and tasty here than from a huge franchise, too. Maybe Minseok will like them, too. Maybe. When he turned off the car, he looked at me once again. 


“Ready to head in, hun or do you need a minute?” Minseok asked me. I looked at him and nodded.


“I am ready to go in. By the way, I am curious if you have a budget for when it comes to dinner? I mean, I am not going to order everything on it but..I just want to make sure to stay within it. And I do not mean to offend you if I do.” I asked and explained.  Minseok shook his head a couple of times. 


“Nope! Order whatever you want! And I am not offended. I totally understand but I promise. Order whatever you want. No need to worry.” Minseok replied. Because he paid for all the games we bowled and even the arcade games we played at the bowling alley, too, I just did not want to make it seem that I am after him for his money. I gave him a nod. 


I mean, the food is not expensive here but still, the last date I had made me stick to a budget. Well, most of the dates I have had before Minseok always wanted me to be cheap so I am not used to having a date to pay for everything. But, I am still willing to pay half if I need to. A thought came across Minseok's mind.


“How are you feeling?” Minseok asked me another question, checking up to see how I was.


“I am doing wonderful! Just not used to certain things but I will get used to it.” I replied.


“What kind of things?” Minseok asked a different question this time. I took a breath before I spoke. I hate sounding like I am complaining but I do not want to lie about it at the same time.


“Well, most of the dates I have had before going out on this one, my dates always wanted me to pay half so I am not used to someone paying for everything. But, I am still willing to pay half if I need to. I am just not used to it. Nor want you to think I am after you for money, which is not the case. I want to be with you for you as a person, not for material things.” I answered.


“Do people really think and/or assume that you are after them for that?” Minseok asked yet another question. I nodded.


“I never had someone tell me that they think that but I just have a gut feeling about a few of my dates thinking that on the inside. ” I replied. 


“I do not think that you are after me for my money. I think your love is very sincere.” Minseok told me. I blushed.


“I am sorry for being so anxious about a lot of things. I am not like this all the time. I just have so many emotions and thoughts going on all at once and I love you so much, Minseok! I really do. And my past dates were also horrible to me, too.” I said as tears started to stream down my cheeks. Minseok wiped the tears streaming down my cheek as he looked at me. 


“Camilla, I totally understand how you feel. And I am so sorry that your dates treated you like that. Not going to lie, my dates in the past did not treat me great either. Your anxiousness is not going to make me love any difference or less. No need to explain yourself to me. And I love you so much, too! I am always going to be here, there and everywhere for you. Day and night, too. When you are anxious or feel down, just remember, I am never going to stop loving you. You make me happy. Very happy.” Minseok said to me with a smile as he was trying to comfort me. 


I swear that his gummy smile is like a ray of sunshine that could make a field of flowers grow. It also puts a smile on my face, too.


“Thank you, Minseok. I am also sorry that it has happened to you, too. You make me very happy and I am here for you as well” I said. Minseok gave me a gentle kiss on the lips before looking back at me again.


“You are very welcome, love.” Minseok said back. Before either of us could say a word to each other, the sound of a stomach growling could be heard in the car. And it was my stomach that was the one that was growling. I was not embarrassed but..I did feel slightly awkward. 


“I..I guess we better go eat before it gets too late.” I suggested.


“I agree.” Minseok spoke back, agreeing with me. The two of us got out of the car and quickly headed to the door of the burger joint. This time, I was the one who placed his hand in mine as we walked. As we entered Barry’s Burgers, Minseok looked around while we stood in line to be seated. The decor in the burger joint is truly unique. There was no exact theme that it had going for it but it is more of things that the family who have been running it for many years have collected over time. 


I personally find it quite charming but I am not sure how Minseok feels about it. I focused on him again, curious about what he thought so far.


“What do you think so far?” I suddenly asked him. He looked at me.


“I think it is quite interesting. How old is this place?” Minseok replied and asked me a question back.


“At least 40 years, I believe. Could be a little more than that but I am not exactly sure. This place also has more than burgers but that is what they are popular for, hence the name.” I answered him. Minseok was amazed. Before we even knew it, the two of us were next in line. A waiter looked at us with a smile on their face.


“Hello! Is there only two in your party?” The waiter asked us. Both of us nodded at them. He grabbed two menus and we followed him where we ended up near a booth.


“Is a booth okay or would you prefer a table?” The waiter asked us. Minseok looked at me.


“I am fine with a booth. Are you?” Minseok asked me. Did not take long for me to think of an answer.


“I am fine with sitting at the booth.” I replied. As long as he was fine with it, so was I. The waiter nodded and placed the menus onto the table as we sat down. 


“I will be back in a couple of minutes to grab the orders for your drink.” The waiter told us then walked away a few seconds later to go help another customer that just walked through the front door. Minseok and I each picked up a menu off of the table and began to look at it. Even though I have been here a few times, everything always looks so good on the menu. And there is never a time yet where I have had the same thing twice.


Though..I am curious what Minseok was going to order for his first time here. All of a sudden, I felt a tap on my arm. I looked away from my menu to see Minseok looking at me.


“I am having a little bit of a hard time choosing what to have. Do you have any recommendations when it comes to the menu?” Minseok suddenly asked me for a suggestion.


“Well, you can always go with the “create-a-burger” option on the menu. That is what I do when I can not figure out what I exactly want on the menu. You make it anyway you want.” I replied, giving him that suggestion. Minseok nodded.


“That’s actually a good idea! I just could not find it on the menu for some reason.” Minseok told me. I showed him where it was on my menu so he was able to find it on his. He thanked me before we both went back to finish looking at the menu before the waiter arrived back. When they did, we looked back up at them.


“I do apologize for taking a little longer to get back to both of you. Do you both know what you would like?” The waiter asked us. Minseok gave them a smile and a nod. I also gave them a nod as well. We both gave them time to take out their notepad before giving them our orders to give to the cook in the kitchen. I looked at Minseok.


“Do you want me to go first?” I asked him. He looked at me again.


“Only if you want to.” Minseok answered.

“I’ll go first.” I said to him, Minseok nodded back before we looked at the waiter once again.


“I would like a triple Barry Burger with cheese with everything that comes on it, please.” I said to the waiter.


“Would you like fries or something else as a substitute?” The waiter asked me. That is when Minseok got an idea as I was not sure.


“Why don’t we get a huge order of fries and onion rings and share between the two of us?” Minseok suddenly suggested. I liked the sound of that idea. I looked at him and nodded.


“I would not mind that at all. That is actually a great idea!” I said to him, then I looked at the waiter and finished giving her my order. I waited until the waiter finished writing it down on the notepad.


“And what would you like to drink with that?” The waiter asked me another question.


“Lemonade, please.” I replied. They wrote it down before looking at Minseok.


“And what would you like, Sir?” The waiter asked Minseok this time. 


“Actually, I would do the same thing as her, please. But I would like lemon-lime instead.” Minseok replied. It seems that for him what he had in mind for his meal suddenly went out the window. I was a little surprised but yet, I was glad that I was able to help him more in some way. After the waiter finished taking our order, they headed over to the kitchen while Minseok and I looked at each other once again.


“I hope you do not mind that I got the same thing as you.” Minseok suddenly piped up. I shook my head.


“I do not mind. I am just glad that I was able to help you choose what you would like to try. Hope you are ready for it because this burger is going to be a big HUGE.” I said. Minseok chuckled.


“Can’t wait!” Minseok exclaimed with excitement. Me, on the other hand, I was the one who was starting to feel like I chose the wrong order for my meal.


“I hope you do not mind me eating that kind of burger. I mean, I try to watch what I eat but sometimes, I just feel like really having something, ya know.” I told him. 


“Honestly, I love a woman that not only makes me laugh and happy but also has a good appetite.  I mean, I do not want women to feel like they have to starve themselves to have someone they love feel attracted to them. If they are naturally thin, I understand but you do not have to hold back when it comes to me. I am actually a foodie so it also does not bother me in the slightest. As long as you do not make yourself sick, of course.” Minseok explained to me. I smiled.


“Same here.” I said back to him. Minseok held one of my hands in his again but this time, he held my hand with his on the table. I held my hand tight in his again, too.


“I was wondering if you would like to go on a second date with me?” Minseok spoke up. My eyes widened. 


“ want to go on a second date with me?” I asked, being both surprised and curious. Minseok nodded. 


“Yes, I do.” Minseok replied. He also could tell that I was feeling a certain way about his answer, too.


“You sound surprised by that.” Minseok said. 


“That is because I am surprised. With all the anxiety stuff and such, I thought you would not want another date with me. Or because I said too much.” I honestly answered him. I also now could tell that he was serious about it as well. Very serious about it actually.


“Camilla, there is nothing that you have done for me to not want to have a second date with you or even not wanting to be your boyfriend anymore. We are both nervous and anxious. It is okay to be repetitive. It is okay to be nervous. And it is okay for needing comfort. It does not mean that you are not worthy or should not be loved. I am never going to stop letting you know how I love you nor am I going to stop giving you comfort wherever you need it either.” Minseok told me, meaning every single word of it.


He suddenly moved my hand off of the table and the back of it towards his face then gave it a gentle kiss before placing the palm of my hand onto one of his cheeks.


“Even when the days are gloomy and get too dark for comfort, I will always make sure that you’re okay and safe. No matter what. Because that is how much you mean to me and how much I love you. With all my heart.” Minseok added. I smiled back. 


“And I love you with all of my heart, too, Minseok. I am also here for you when the days get dark and gloomy, too.” I said back to him. When Minseok moved my hand off of his cheek, I did the same with the back of his hand. I gave it a gentle kiss, too. 


“And I would love to go on a second date with you as well.” I also replied to his question. Even if this date has been a roller coaster for my mental health..I am so glad that it happened and have been having a lot of fun, beside the fact. And I can not wait to go on the second one with him. I just hope I am not as anxious as I was on this one. 


I am not going to know until then but I feel like going on the first one helped me get through what I had been going on for me tonight. Just glad Minseok is not upset or angry or thinking that I am looney for how I have been tonight on and off. I really do love this man so much. A few minutes later we let go of one another's hands as our food was about to arrive at the table. Minseok’s eyes widened.


I silently chuckled to myself as I watched his reaction.


“I told you it would be a bit huge.” I said. 


“You certainly did. I just did not expect it to be enough for two people! Well, at least for me, it looks like it would feed two people.” Minseok said back.


“Well, if you feel like you can not eat the whole thing, you can always take home the leftovers. They do have that option, too.” I told him. Minseok agreed. After another minute, the two of us began to eat our meals. Minseok watched me as I bit into my burger. Minseok could not hide his reaction. It was not a negative one. It was more of a one. I looked at him after I swallowed what was in my mouth.


“Something wrong?” I asked. Minseok snapped out of his trance then shook his head while blushing on both of his cheeks.


“N-Not at all.” Minseok replied, feeling a little flustered. I giggled silently to myself.


“He’s so cute.” I thought. Minseok took several seconds before he calmed down. This time, I watched him as he took a bite of his burger. The way he takes bites of food makes me smile. is just so adorable! Especially with the string of melted cheese that was connected between his mouth and the burger itself.


“How is it?” I asked him as he swallowed the bite in his mouth this time. He looked at me with a smile on his face.

“It is really good! It is also very cheesy and delicious. I like it a lot!” Minseok replied.


“I am sorry that it is a bit greasy, though.” I told him.


“I do not mind it. Regardless, it tastes quite amazing. Thank you for recommending this place for us.” Minseok told me. I nodded.


“You are welcome, babe.” I said. During the entire meal, we had so much fun. 


“I would like to come back here one day..if you would like to join me.” Minseok suggested an idea to me. I nodded.


“I would love that.” I answered. Even if we were being sort of childish with each other at times..neither of us have any regrets or how our date went down. Even with the twists and turns along the way, my heart was full of joy and I feel like I have truly found the love of my life. And I can not wait to have many more adventures with him.

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