Having Fun Is All That Matters

Perfect 10

We ended up talking about video games so much for the rest of the ride that we did not realize that we were already about to arrive at the Opal Lake Lanes. I was so excited that I started to feel better from what happened earlier between Clarissa and I. I was not going to be exactly forgiving her anytime soon because it still hurts with how she thinks but at least it is not going to bother me so much throughout the night. 

Plus, what Minseok said was still ringing in my head. It is not Clarissa for who I am here for. It is Minseok that I am here for. And that is all that matters and should matter. I took a deep and silent breath as he turned the car and drove into the parking lot.

Everything is going to be okay. I can do this. I know that I am nervous but I just need to have my mind chill out a little bit. Plus, it is Minseok. Not a random stranger you are going on a date with.” I thought to myself as I tried to calm down more before heading into the bowling alley with him. I know I may sound like I want this date to fail but I really do not at all! I really love this man. I am just not used to going out on dates. 

When Minseok turned off the car after parking and after taking off his seat belt, he looked at me.

“Are you doing okay?” Minseok asked. I nodded before looking at him.

“I am. Not going to lie..my mind is just so..all over the place because I am not to this and I have this worry about something bad happening. I do not want it to happen nor want to think about it either. I can not really help it for some reason.” I answered. Minseok leaned forward and gave me a kiss on the cheek before looking at me again.

“All I want you to be is yourself around me, Camilla. I also want you to have fun, too. I truly get that you are nervous and worried and it is okay to feel that way. No matter what happens, I just really love being with you. I am also feeling the same way but I am happy to really be on this date.” Minseok then said to me, it has helped to begin to calm down even more. Happier, too.

“Thank you. I am sorry that I am such a mess.” I told him.

“You are welcome and I do not think you are a mess. And no need to apologize or explain anything, too. I understand you. Inside and out.” Minseok said back to me.

“And I understand you inside and out, too. Please be yourself around me, too.” I told him. He gave me a nod back. Things started to become clearer for me as the horrible thoughts disappeared and I was able to finally relax. 

I..I think that I am truly going to be okay.” I thought in my head again. After another minute in the car, Minseok got out and walked over to the front passenger’s side. To my surprise, he also opened the door for me and even helped me out of the car then grabbed something from the back of his car. After he shut the door behind me, the two of us headed towards the bowling alley. As we walked, Minseok suddenly held my hands in one of his. 

 “I..I hope that you do not mind.” Minseok spoke. It felt so wonderful to finally be able to hold his hand like this. I never imagined that it would be possible but here we are. Before I said a word back, I held his hand a little tighter in mine. 

“I do not mind at all.” I spoke back with a smile on my face. Minseok smiled as well. As we finally reached the front door of the bowling alley, we did have to let go of each other’s hands before entering so we could get into the door easier. As he and I made our way into the bowling alley, I looked at everything around us. There were definitely quite a bit of people here but since it is a Saturday night, I am not surprised by it.

The colors were vibrant and bright, too. It was a bit noisy but regardless, it feels like such a fun atmosphere. It had like a 90’s theme to it but with more modern and current technology, too. The two of us walked up to the counter to get our shoes. Well..Minseok had his own pair of shoes that he brought with him, along with his own bowling ball, too. He let me even pick out which ball I wanted to use from his collection. 

Minseok also brought one of his bowling balls for me as well to use tonight but he did not have any shoes my size, which I understood. I was appreciative of him for letting me use any of his bowling gear and items. Plus, my feet are kind of small anyway. I am like a six-seven when it comes to my shoe size. Definitely would not be able to fit Minseok’s extra pair, even if I tried. Being in this bowling alley was bringing back memories for when I used to go to the one in my hometown. 

Some very good memories and some…some of them were a bit toxic. We decided to use a lane that was farther down towards the back of the building than towards the door. There were not many people around that area at the moment so it was perfect for us to just have fun without having people give us weird looks and/or judge us. Not that it matters to me if people judge us but..I was not sure how Minseok would feel about having others around us. 

We sat in a couple of the chairs at a table near the lane while we put our shoes on. Minseok also  took the bowling balls out of his duffle bags then placed the bowling balls he brought with him for both of us to us. The one he brought from me to use from his collection was a purple one. His was like a sky blue. Both were very pretty. Minseok looked at me after we finished setting up.

“I am going to grab a soda. Would you like me to grab you one as well?” Minseok spoke and offered. I nodded.

“Yes, please. If they have orange soda, I would like that flavor. If not, Sprite is fine, too.” I replied to him. Minseok nodded back as well then went off to go get sodas for the two of us. I sat at the table, setting up our names on a tablet attached to the table so we can keep score on the TV across from us. Honestly, I could care less about keeping score. I just like to bowl for fun. Though, I am always curious what I get, too. 

A few minutes later, my love arrived back at our table with both of our sodas and straws in his hands with a smile on his face. He even had napkins as well. Minseok was fully prepared.

“Here you go! And also, if you need anything else, just let me know.” Minseok told me as he placed my soda in front of me on top of a napkin. I looked at him with a smile as well.

“Thank you so much.” I said to him, he looked back at me. Still with a smile on his face.

“You are very welcome, babe.” Minseok said back to me. I also gave him a kiss on the cheek before he sat down next to me at the table, getting his drink ready.

“So, who is going to go first?” Minseok asked.

“Well, the list decided to put our names in alphabetical order so I guess that I am going to be the one going first.” I answered. Minseok gave me a kiss on the cheek as well. 

“Remember, you do not need to keep track of the score. I am not going to be doing it either. Let’s just have fun!” Minseok happily told me. I looked at him and nodded. I was not a competitive person. Never have been nor plan to start being one.

“I agree.” I also told him. I got up from the seat and went over to grab the bowling bowl. When I looked back at Minseok, he was giving me another gummy smile and two thumbs up.

“You got this, babe!” Minseok spoke, cheering me on. I silently chuckled to myself. I walked up to the lane and focused as I was getting into position to throw by ball. I am not trying to be perfect with it but I didn't want it to go down the gutter either. Minseok watched me as I did this. When I felt ready, I let the ball go and it started to go down the lane towards the pins. I was not worried about how many pins I would end up knocking down. 

And I ended up knocking six of them down, which is not so bad. Just glad I did not end up in the gutter on my very first turn for the first round. As I waited for the ball to come back, I looked at Minseok again.

“Great job!” Minseok happily exclaimed. 

“Thank you!” I said back to him. He was being so positive. I am not used to such a thing. The ball came back up and I grabbed before taking my second turn of the first round. By the end of the second round, I had a total of 8 pins knocked down. When I walked back over to Minseok, he gave me a hive-five. 

 “You did excellent, Camilla!” Minseok said, congratulating me. 

“Honestly, I was so nervous because I have not bowled in a while and thought it was going to go into the gutter for the first round.” I said back then took a drink of my soda.

“Aw, never doubt yourself! Nobody can be perfect but who would want to always be perfect all the time? Sounds like it would be so boring to me. Regardless, you are a great bowler.” Minseok told me, still trying to give me encouragement. Which made me feel happy. 

“I agree. Also..I am curious to see how you bowl.” I spoke. Now since it is Minseok’s turn, I was going to be able to see this. I looked at him as he got up from his seat as the pins were now ready for his turn to bowl.

“Knock ‘em down, babe!” I also encouraged him. He flexed for a second before then grabbing his bowling ball and heading over to the lane. He was wearing a blue polo shirt and when he did a small flex for me, the chest area was a bit tight. I could see his muscles perfectly shaped against it. I drank another sip of my soda as I kept on looking at him. Not sure because I was blushing but I suddenly started to feel a bit warm. I am not sure if he was doing it to show off a little or put a smile on my face. 

Either way, I was not going to complain about it at all.

Oh gosh! I never knew that Minseok was a bit muscular underneath his clothes! Such a wonderful surprise.” I thought. Yet, now knowing that he is muscular, it did not change for why I fell and/or loved him. He does not even have to have muscles or be skinny for me to feel that way about him. And even if he did gain weight or lose the muscles, I will still love him with all of my heart. I also watched as he got into position and threw his bowling ball down the lane.

At first, it looked like it was going to stay in the lane but about ¾ of the way down, it ended up going into the gutter at the last few seconds. Minseok looked at me, feeling a little embarrassed as I was looking at him.

“I..I was not planning for that to happen. I am usually better than this.” Minseok said to me. I got up and walked over to him. This time, I was the one caressing his cheek with one of my hands

“I know that you did not plan to do that. sweetheart. No need to prove yourself to me.” I said then I leaned over and placed my mouth near one of his ears.

“I am already yours.” I whispered. As I stood back up, Minseok looked at me again.  

“And I am yours, too, if you want me.” Minseok told me. I smiled.

“I do want to be with you very much.” I told him. Minseok smiled back. When his ball came back, he grabbed and went back over to the lane as I went back and sat down in my seat as I watched him again. This time, he was able to get 7 pins knocked down for his second turn. As he came back over, Minseok walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the top of the head.

“I love you with all my heart.” Minseok softly spoke, then walked over to his seat. I looked at him after he sat back down in his seat.

“I love you with all my heart, too.” I spoke back. After bowling our first rounds, the rest of our time playing went smoothly. Both of us were goofy and having fun. Being with Minseok made me realize that even if others may think you are strange, you still should be who you are and that there are people who also accept and love you for it, too. And also.. Clarissa. If she ends up not liking him, I do not care. He makes me happy and in the end, that is all that matters. 

Our bowling scores may not have been very high but the fun was better than keeping score. There were a couple of strikes and a few spares made but otherwise, we just wanted to try to knock down as many pins as we could. To the both of us is that we are happy with one another. After we bowled a couple of games, the two of us went to the arcade towards the back of the bowling alley and played some games together. Minseok also won me a stuffed animal from the claw machine as well. 

It was a cat plush but had rainbow colored fur. It was cute. Just like him. 

I am definitely going to treasure this forever. Both of the stuffed animals he got me tonight actually.” I thought as I held on to the plush toy.

We spent a few hours at the bowling alley before I returned my rented shoes, then Minseok paid for the games we bowled before heading out and headed back to the car. Back inside of the car, we put our seat belts on then got comfortable.

 “So..what do you want for dinner? I am up for anything!” Minseok asked.

“How about burgers and fries? I do not know but I have a sudden craving for a cheeseburger. A double one actually.” I replied. 

“That does actually sound good right now. Do you have a certain burger place you like to go to?” Minseok said and asked for a suggestion. 

“Well, Barry’s Burgers is a very good place and they also can make you your custom burger, too! If that is something you like. It is also not such a huge chain or anything but the food there is truly amazing. Also, their portions are huge for such a great price.” I explained while giving him my suggestion. He seems to be for the idea.

“We will go there then! I never heard of that place so I am wanting to check it out as well.” Minseok responded. I nodded.

“If you have a problem with it or anything, just let me know. I will not be upset at all.” I told him. 

“I appreciate that but I think I will enjoy it. Especially with you.” Minseok spoke back. I blushed as I looked forward and down at my lap as he was pulling up the directions for the burger joint in his phone.

“I-I am really enjoying our date. Quite a lot actually.” I said. Minseok felt so happy to hear that.“I am enjoying it a lot, too. You are truly so much fun to be around and I am glad that we can finally be more of ourselves around each other, too. Romantically, too. I have not had this much fun in quite some time and it feels really wonderful to spend time with someone who can make me laugh and my heart happy.” Minseok said back. I smiled again. 

“Same here.” I softly spoke. Everything and the thoughts about what happened earlier at home to me seemed to truly have gone away. Hopefully, for good. After another minute of sitting in the parking lot of the bowling alley, he the car again and drove out of the driveway to go have dinner together.

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