Kimchi Fried Rice

Lucky Like That


Luda and Jiyeon decided to cook for dinner after a few considerations and debates as both of them are not good at cooking and what to even cook. So they came up with Kimchi Fried Rice and searched for the best recipe they could find on the internet. Jiyeon put the plastic bags full with ingredients they bought just now according to Luda's smart brain (that's what she claimed). 


"Luda, where do we start now?" Jiyeon asked the younger one who is typing fast on the phone.

Luda looked up. "I just texted Dawon that I'll stay here for the whole weekend." She placed her phone on the kitchen counter with a screen displaying the recipe and approached her girlfriend. "We need to wash the vegetables and cook the rice first."

Jiyeon sighed. She took out the ingredients luda had listed from the plastic bag and brought them to the sink. "You know, we could just order takeout or delivery."

"Unnie, we do this because we wanted to coax Hyunjung unnie. Of course we should put more effort into it."

"We can just buy her a few types of her favourite breads and she will be happier than ever." The whined girl mumbled in dissatisfaction.

Luda chuckled. 


Jiyeon obeyed Luda's instructions as dutifully as she can on how to cut the vegetables and when to put them in the pan. After an almost hour-long battle in the kitchen, Luda tried the fried rice and Jiyeon waited painfully for her feedback. 

"How is it? Good?" She finally asked when Luda gave no reaction to her. 

The younger sighed.


Hyunjung entered her shared apartment with Jiyeon and saw Luda's shoes at the front. She was not surprised because Luda always spent her time here. She already had a plan for Luda to move in together with them when the younger had finished semester one. It is mandatory for semester one students to live in the dorm and Luda is not an exception for that and be Dawon's roommate. 


"Jiyeon? Luda?" Hyunjung frowned when the apartment was quiet and didn't get any answer from them. They are usually loud either when they are watching movies or playing games together. 

Hyunjung put her bag in the living room when she heard a little fuss coming out from the kitchen. She went to the kitchen to see what was happening there. 


"Jiyeonie? Ludi? What are you doing?"

"Oh, unnie? Hi.. I didn't hear the front door." Luda greeted Hyunjung with an unguilty face that is for sure she's hiding something from her. 

"I'd called both of you but you didn't hear me. What are you guys doing?" The oldest approached the two, one with a dumbfounded face and the other one trying to figure out something. 

"We don't know what we should add anymore, unnie." Jiyeon's voice sounded tired and gave up. 

"We are cooking Kimchi Fried Rice but the taste is not that good. I've followed the recipe hundred percent, and haven't changed anything. Jiyeon unnie has given up on me." Luda scratched her head bashfully.

"I shouldn't listen to this girl's idea and just order food delivery." Jiyeon grumbled. 

"Unnie!! We are on this together!"

“You kinda force me to agree with you!”

"Wow wow, calm down both of you." Hyunjung decided to stand between them before they fought more. "Let me check on it." 

"Thank you, unnie." 


Hyunjung herself is not an expert cook but she sometimes cooks a simple dish especially when she gets tired of food delivery or takeout or when she feels like eating homemade food. But she is still the best if compared to the other two. 

The oldest of the three took out a spoon and dipped into the rice, to have a little taste. She knitted her eyebrow at the taste of the food. Her eyes looked for a few more ingredients and put them into the pan before mixing them. She tasted it one more time and felt satisfied. 

"Jiyeon, can you take a bowl for me?" 

"I will set up the table." Luda left.


"I agree to cook with her because she wants to apologise for hiding about that guy." Jiyeon whispered to Hyunjung while passing the bowl after Luda left the kitchen. "Don't be angry at her anymore, okay?" 

Hyunjung sighed. "I'm not. I was over worried just now. I'll talk to her again later. Thank you, Jiyeon-ah."

"I love both of you very much, unnie." She smiled and left a quick peck on Hyunjung's cheek.


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