My Girlfriends Are Famous?

Lucky Like That

Luda walked to her class with Jiyeon and Hyunjung by her side. One is holding her books and the one is shouldering her bag. She wanted to frown and complain but she knew her girlfriends very much, so she gave up before trying. 

Luda doesn’t know that her girlfriends are famous. Like THIS famous. There would be one or two or even more talking and whispering whenever they pass by them. She was lost in her thoughts when suddenly she felt a hand slip and intertwined her fingers together. She looked at her left side.

Jiyeon flashed a smile at her. “Don’t care about them. They are always talking and will never stop. Right, Hyunjung unnie?” Jiyeon peeked to see Hyunjung at Luda’s right side.

“They are always gossiping about every little thing. Not in our faculty only, it spread around the whole campus.” Replied Hyunjung.

“About what?”

“A rumour that Hyunjung unnie and I are dating.” Jiyeon whispered to Luda then giggled. 

Luda hit Jiyeon’s arm softly.

“No, it’s true. We never did anything but they always said so. Or maybe subtle touchy? Anyway, we never confirmed the rumour so only Sojung..and Dawon and Juyeon are the only ones that know about us.” Jiyeon explained to Luda. It's a fact that the other students there always talk about them. When there is a talk, of course the bad one didn’t miss out. When the rude or jealous students spread negative toxicity and rumours about her and Hyunjung unnie, such as Jiyeon and Hyunjung are secretly dating and use their power as student councils to overpower the faculty and many more. 

Of course, there was a time she couldn’t hold herself when it got worst out of the worsts. She's especially more assertive than Hyunjung. Hyunjung is patient enough to ignore them but sometimes Jiyeon would fight back in her own evil way while Sojung is her partner in crime. Even the other student councils never asked anything about their relationship. 

“Yeah, Jiyeonie…Subtle touchy.” She pretended to be glaring at the younger girl. 

“It's just that once a quick peck on your cheek. I never did that again after that except linking arms or holding hands.” Whined Jiyeon using her aegyo voice.

Luda shook her head and laughed. She acknowledges that Jiyeon is the one who likes to do skinship in public, while Hyunjung is more the one at the receiving end. Even right now, Jiyeon is holding her hand and Hyunjung just lets their shoulder brush lightly. 

“You see that, Ludi?”

“Very well unnie. She will not listen to us either even if we say don’t.”

They almost reached the hall lecture when Hyunjung stopped and turned to look at the youngest of the three. 

“You please don’t listen to people’s talking, okay? If anyone or anything hurts you, please tell us.” Hyunjung the youngest hair attentively. 

“Oww Hyunjung unnie’s protectiveness mode has .” Jiyeon jokes. 

“Unnies treat me like I’m a baby.” Mumbled Luda.

“Hey, of course you are our baby! Aigoo.” Jiyeon pinched Luda’s cheek.

Hyunjung smiled. She then noticed a professor coming in their direction from afar.

“Now now. Your professor is coming. Go!

“Tell us when your class has ended.”

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