New Phase

Lucky Like That

Jiyeon unnie <3: 

Luda-ah, we are sorry we couldn’t go with you on your freshman starts :((( 


Hyunjung unnie<3:

Yeah, we’ll be back next week. We can’t accompany you for the whole week baby.



It’s okay, unnies. You should focus on your student council team building. Dawon is with me, no worries.


Jiyeon unnie <3: 

I blame Sojung for choosing the wrong date. Huh



You always do that, unnie. Kekeke


Hyunjung unnie <3: 

Oops, Sojung is calling. We have to go now, Ludi. Take care, We love you.


Jiyeon unnie <3:

Flying kiss from us. Mmuahhhh <333



I love both of you too ^.~


“The unnies?” 


Luda heard Dawon asking her. Maybe she was being very obvious when replying to her girlfriends’ chat. Or maybe she is just an idiot who is very in love with the two women. 


“Yeah, they are sorry because they are not at college for this week because of student council team building or something like that.” Answered Luda after she pocketed her smartphone. “Let’s go there.”




So far so good. Seems like the first day entering college is great. Although Luda and Dawon didn’t apply for the same course, they managed to meet when they had free time between classes. 


It is when they were having late lunch at the nearest cafeteria of their faculties that a tall woman greeted them. 


“Erm, excuse me.”


Luda and Dawon stopped chatting when the tall woman came and greeted them at their table.




“I’m sorry if I'm interrupting but I don’t really have made friends yet, and I noticed that you’re in the same class with me. So, can I..” The tall woman shyly pointed at Dawon and scratched her nape timidly.


“Oh! Hey, yeah you can sit with us.” Dawon welcomed her and gestured to the empty seat beside her. “My name is Dawon and this is my best friend, Luda.”


“Hi, I’m Juyeon.”


Since then, Luda and Dawon become closer with Juyeon as their humour matched and hung out together when they had time. 


Everything ran smoothly, nothing bad or weird happened while the student councils were absent.







Note: I will update from time to time when I have ideas for the background plot. I also open if you have request of some background plots as long as it fitted my setting (written above). Feel free to comment :) These are drabbles so it will be short and could be an open-ending for each scene, but each chapter/plot will be followed in sequence.

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