bad habit

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minjeong swears she wants nothing to do with karina, but she always finds herself indulging in the older’s presence and that oh so smexy pretty lips of hers that minjeong can’t get enough. welcome to the drama, pining, drama and drama of minjeong’s life.


karina chuckles and leans her body to rest her arms on the railing. her hand is twirling the solo cup that is filled with questionable college student drinks, while the small smile slash smirk is never leaving her face. she then turns herself to the side to meet minjeong’s eyes. “if i was to tell you it was my true intention,” she smiles a little before saying, “did it work?” her eyes are unreadable, lips are all red and swollen because all the kissing she did earlier.






genre: suggestive, future romance & other seasonings :)
au: rivals with benefits, college au (which is not so relevant)
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jay says: this happened purely because of the hype i got from two sips of coffee and the break i want to have from writing johnjae fics lmao, hope you'd enjoyed it! :)

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