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the rivalry between families isn’t something new when you’re part of the corporation socialite, and it’s especially not an unfamiliar thing when you’re born into either the yoo or kim family. both are owners of the two largest construction companies in the country, and have been competing with each other for almost three generations already. the rivalry and hatred have been going on ever since either minjeong or karina was born, and it’s only natural for the two of them to adapt to the nature of their families; both of them had been taught about what the fuming fire between the families, hence, they grow up to hate the families as well.

minjeong, honestly, doesn’t really care about the business rivalry. she knows that it’s normal for two same businesses to compete. however, her blood boiled everytime she sees someone from the yoo family, especially karina yoo the second daughter who is the same age as her. it’s probably the kim blood inside minjeong that makes her hate the other girl, or maybe karina is an insufferable witch who always knows how to get under minjeong’s skin. it also makes sense for minjeong to hate karina because of how they’re always neck to neck in their academic result. minjeong takes pride in having a perfect score in the business school, meanwhile, karina is also another fella who needs the perfect grade to impress her own family.

minjeong kim is uptight, serious, and a perfectionist. her family taught her to never misbehaved because if one wrong act is caught, they are at doom. they said she has to be perfect so that the family reputation isn’t painted bad. meanwhile, karina is chill, unserious, the different from minjeong. they are the polar opposite of each other, as well as their families’ rules. the yoo doesn’t really care about the public’s eyes, all they care about is their business and how are they going to top up the kim’ business.

but their families have the same expectation for both of them; they are expecting them to be better than each other. they sent their kids to the most prestigious business school in the country—they look forward to seeing who has beaten who by the end of finals and would rub the result into the bruised ego of the family whose daughter is the behind one—which also happens to be karina’s family. minjeong is always a rank above karina, she has always been the smartest one among the two.

everyone in the circle has always known about both minjeong and karina’s families' feuds and they definitely know that the two of them aren’t getting along either. for obvious reason, they always find minjeong and karina spitting venoms at each other. it’s a known fact about their families' history and the rivalry between the two kids in school. minjeong is always the one who throws dirty looks at the other girl and always found herself speaking on the yoo everytime they cross paths; whether it’s just a hiss or sarcasm. karina on the other hand, strangely, enjoys the looks she’s gotten from minjeong. she thinks her favorite hobby is to rile minjeong up, despite the strings of curses she’d got from the other girl.

“what are you doing out here all alone?” karina joins minjeong at the back of the house with a red solo cup in her hand, making minjeong groan in annoyance because her alone time is being interrupted. especially by karina out of all people. “you don’t look like someone who should be glad that you beat me again this final.”

“you should be worried about what excuses to tell your parents because i beat you once again.” minjeong replies, not even putting an effort to look at karina’s face.

despite minjeong’s reply, karina doesn’t seem to be affected by minjeong’s words. instead, she pushes the girl more, “the social battery is already draining?” she teases, knowing that minjeong is an uptight introvert who doesn’t like crowds of people. the girl only comes to this party thrown by classmates because it’s to celebrate the end of the second semester, and before the school break they are getting after these hectic months at school.

“it’s none of your business. off.” minjeong grumbles, “don’t you have better things to do? giselle is probably waiting for you inside the house,” minjeong snorts, her eyes glancing back to the house where the party is happening as she remembers how karina and her companion were all over each other just a few minutes ago. so why did the girl decide to come out here, if it isn’t to annoy her?

“ha.” karina’s annoying laugh rings minjeong’s ears. “so you saw. putting your attentions on me that much, huh?” karina crosses her arms in front of her body with a smirk appearing on her too gorgeous face (which minjeong hates to stare at so much.)

“oh please.” minjeong snorts at the absurd self-proclaim. she rolls her eyes in disbelief, “you were putting a show out inside there. weren’t you the one who was trying to get my attention?” she fights back.

karina chuckles and leans her body and rests her arms on the railing. her hand is twirling the solo cup that is filled with questionable college student drinks, while the small smile slash smirk is never leaving her face. she then turns herself to the side to meet minjeong’s eyes. “if i was to tell you it was my true intention,” she smiles a little before saying, “did it work?” her eyes are unreadable, lips are all red and swollen because all the kissing she did earlier.

minjeong’s pupils are shaking, she starts looking everywhere but at karina’s black pearly eyes. the question is affecting minjeong so much to the point she’s flustered. “hate to break it to you, but i don’t give a damn about whatever you’re doing.”

lies. that was a lie, but minjeong would never confess that karina’s trick did work. minjeong is going to keep that truth to the grave

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